Admission Visit Scholarship
Visit Scholarship

Visit Scholarship

There's no better way to explore your seminary options than by visiting campus and connecting with staff and faculty face to face. We want you to make a well-informed decision about where to get your seminary education—so much so that we'd like to make a visit to campus more than worth your while. If you connect with Western in a personalized campus visit or attend a Campus Preview Day event you may qualify for our Visit Scholarship.

$617 (or more!) off your education costs

The Visit Scholarship is valued at the dollar amount of one credit of master's-level tuition, which is $617 for most students in the 2021-2022 academic year, or $647 for Portland Counseling students.

How do I qualify?

  • Attend a campus visit with an Admissions Counselor. When staff schedules permit, a visit should involve a tour, meeting with a faculty member, and sitting in on a class.
  • Alternatively, you may attend a Campus Preview Day event (including our virtual preview days!)
  • Apply and get admitted to a master's-level degree program (this excludes Non-Degree, GSC, GSD, and Doctoral programs. GSC-C and GSC-M students are able to qualify).
  • In your first semester, and within one calendar year of your visit to campus, enroll in at least four credits (half-time). This excludes returning students or graduates who enroll again to complete an additional program.

How do I apply?

No need! If you qualify to receive it, the award is automatically applied toward the balance on your student account during your first semester of enrollment. The award may be used only to pay tuition expenses.

I've got some more questions...

You bet. You can contact an Admissions Counselor at your preferred campus location to learn more about the Visit Scholarship. They can also help you to set up your own personalized visit or get RSVP'd for an upcoming Campus Preview Day event.