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When is Tuition Due?

When is Tuition Due?

For degree and non-degree students, tuition is due in full the first official day of each semester unless you have signed up for Western Seminary's monthly payment plan. Audit & Enrichment participants are required to submit payment at the time of registration.

The Fall 2021 tuition deadline is Friday, September 10.

Tuition Deadlines

Tuition for credit students is due the first Friday of the semester, regardless of when a class meets. This includes online C session and doctoral courses. Tuition is due immediately if course registration occurs on or after the first Friday of the semester.

Tuition for audit students is also due by the first Friday of the semester. Tuition for audit classes is due immediately if you register on or after the first Friday of the semester.

Payment Methods

All payments should be submitted online using S.I.S., our Student Information System. Making payments online is easy, convenient, secure, and saves time. You can pay by credit card or from your checking account. If you choose to send a check, or someone sends one on your behalf, mail it to Western Seminary, Attn: Cashier, 5511 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97215. 

If you are an international student, please see our International Student Payments page.

When Is My Account Considered Delinquent  

If payment is not received by the due date, your account is considered delinquent. A late fee will be charged on all balances four days after the payment due date and at the end of each subsequent month. In addition, your registration may also be canceled for non-payment.

Cancellation of Registration for Non-Payment

If a student is delinquent on their account, Western Seminary reserves the right to cancel registration for non-payment. Tuition must be paid in full unless the student has an approved payment plan contract. Registration may be canceled for non-payment following the payment due date.

A student may not register for classes, secure grade reports or transcripts, or attend classes in any subsequent semester if he/she has not completed payment for courses already taken. If a student’s registration is canceled, the student may not re-enroll until his/her account is cleared and the appropriate payment has been made for new enrollment. Notification of Cancellation will be sent by email. Students with questions can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Failure to pay past-due accounts results in the account being turned over to a debt-collection firm. The institution reserves the right to add to the debt any collection and court costs subsequently associated with the collection of the debt. See Collection Process for past-due accounts.

Monthly Payment Plans, 3rd Party, and Student Loans

Recognizing that some students may not be able to immediately pay the full amount of tuition and fees when due, Western offers students a term-based, monthly payment plan. Students may enroll in a plan directly in S.I.S. There is a $20 per-term plan enrollment fee that will automatically be charged once the plan is processed. Of note: Payment plans are not available for Audit students as audit tuition is due at the time of registration.

Students Waiting for Loans or Third Party Payments

Financial Aid:  It can take up to 8 weeks to receive financial aid, so prepare now to pay in full or enroll in a monthly payment plan if your financial aid or third party check does not arrive by the first week of the semester. Failure to pay on time may result in the Business Office dropping you from your courses.

Government Benefits: Western has accounts with several government agencies such as the VA, GoArmyEd, U.S. Coast Guard, AmeriCorps, and state rehabilitation programs, and voluntarily assists students with billing each semester. Please provide a written copy of the Approved Tuition Assistance Form or Award letter from the agency along with contact and billing information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for processing. You are responsible for making sure that all approvals and deadlines have been met to satisfy the agency requirements. Please keep in contact with the campus coordinator and follow up with the agency as required until payment has been received by Western and posted to your student ledger.

If the government agency pays Western Seminary directly, you are required to select and meet the requirements of either paying in full or having a current payment plan contract for your estimated portion by the semester due dates. You are still responsible to pay your tuition should the agency deny your benefits for any reason. You will also be required to pay Western for any benefits that need to be refunded to the agency by Western due to dropped classes.

If the agency pays you directly, you are required to select and meet the requirements of either paying in full or having a current payment plan contract by the semester due dates.

If a situation arises wherein Western needs to obtain an account in order to process your government tuition assistance, you will be required to pay your tuition in full by the due date for the first semester and be refunded once the government payment has been received as it can take 2 to 3 months to establish, submit, and receive payment on new accounts.

Collection Process for Past-Due Accounts

For non-credit courses, tuition is due upon registration. For credit courses, tuition is due in full the first official week of the semester, regardless of when the class meets (this includes Online session C and Doctoral courses.) Please check the class schedule for the official semester dates. The first day of classes may vary from campus to campus. Generally speaking, the first week of the semester occurs in the first week of January, May, and September.  An account becomes delinquent after the due date. Accounts will be turned over to collections 60 days after the semester has ended if no payment arrangements have been made. Collection efforts are not initiated against anyone making reasonable, regular payments against his/her balance in a timely and realistic fashion. This does not imply that students may begin a following semester with a previous balance. 

Treatment of Title IV Funds

Direct Loan recipients: When a student withdraws: Unearned Title IV funds must be returned to the lender. If you are a loan student, please contact the Financial Aid Director for a copy of the return of unearned funds calculation. The loan refund calendar is tied to the US Department of Education regulations and has no relationship to the school refund calendar.