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Partner with Western Seminary


"Western Seminary serves as a catalyst and resource for spiritual transformation by providing, with and for the Church, advanced training for strategic ministry roles.”


Our mission statement commits us to delivering theological education "with and for the church". We understand this reality our training is most effective when we do it in conjunction with parachurch organizations and local churches. Our partnerships are one of the ways we strengthen our joint kingdom impact. As a Western student, you’ll benefit from lower tuition costs and the ability to contextualize your training for the ministry you’re already serving in.

Current ministry partners include:

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...and local churches like yours!

Partnership Details

Interested in starting a partnership with Western? These are the pieces required to build and benefit from a partnership, as well as specifics on how we'll interact over time.

Your organization will:

  • Have at least three graduate students enroll at Western Seminary (the Ministry Partner Grant can increase in value the more students you send)
  • Promote Western Seminary to good candidates for further ministry development
  • Provide release time for students to study, coordinated with any ministry responsibilities
  • Provide a mentor to guide each student's personal and ministry development in keeping with their particular degree requirements
  • Identify a point person to implement our agreement within the organization
  • Allow Western promotion at appropriate events like conferences and pastor luncheons
  • Consider using Western's Center for Leadership Development (CLD) materials for additional development of your organization's board, staff or other leaders
  • Consider using Western personnel for speaking/teaching in appropriate settings

Western Seminary will:

  • Offer a Ministry Partner Grant that lowers the tuition rate for students from your organization
  • Permit students to complete their Ministry Formation and any elective internship experiences at their place of ministry (MAC, MAMFT, MAGL programs internships are typically excluded because of special requirements)
  • Use qualified ministry leaders from your organization to oversee Ministry Formation components in a student's program
  • Provide conveniently-scheduled intensive courses to minimize a student's time spent away from home
  • Allow your organization to nominate at least one person to serve on our President's Advisory Board
  • Seek to maximize opportunities for local educational components that allow additional training contextualization

As a student, you will:

  • Receive a Ministry Partner Grant that lowers the amount of tuition you pay, with additional reductions available based on financial need
  • Apply all grant funds toward tuition for credit courses that meet your program's requirements (grant funds don't cover fees, books, living expenses, repeated courses, or courses that don't meet program requirements)
  • Provide references from your organization in order to be eligible for participation 
  • Serve in a volunteer or paid staff position in your organization
  • Be enrolled in a Graduate Studies Certificate, Diploma, or M.A./M.Div. program (grants for advanced programs may be awarded based on space availability in classes)
  • Complete a FAFSA, Ministry Partner Grant Affirmation Form, and Need-based Grant Application

Our relationships can produce an "iron sharpens iron" effect, and we know that collaborations between gospel-centered organizations can too. So consider partnering with us to have impact beyond the sum of each of our parts. Then get in touch with our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to explore what we can do together.