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Admissions Soma Sending Seminary Partnership

Soma Sending Seminary Partnership

Soma Sending Seminary Partnership

Soma Sending prepares men and their wives to plant gospel-saturated churches brimming with disciples who make disciples. Western Seminary trains believers around the world to bring about gospel-centered transformation, without ever leaving their ministry context. Our two organizations share theological convictions about the Lord and the inerrancy of the scriptures he has given to grow us. So why not further our missional momentum by working together? 

That's why we've partnered to allow Soma Sending candidates like you a variety of benefits that make your training even more valuable.



Earn a Certificate
in Church Planting...

Stairsteps Green

...Or 12 Credits
Toward a Master's Degree


Cut 65% Off
Typical Tuition Rates


Get a head start toward a master's degree

By completing the same steps outlined above, you've got the option to instead earn up to 12 credits* toward the completion of one of these master's degrees from Western Seminary (*application will vary by degree program):

Or you may transfer those credits to another seminary of your choosing. Western Seminary is accredited nationally by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) – the accrediting authority in North America for seminaries – as well as regionally by the Northwest Commission on College and Universities (NWCCU). Any course for which Western grants credit is eligible for transfer to any other school in North America according to their institutional transfer policies (transferability of credits earned at Western and transferred to another institution is at the discretion of the receiving institution). Per Western, Soma Sending courses will be considered Independent Study courses at the number of credit hours mentioned above. Whatever institution to which you transfer these courses would likely accept them as elective credits.


Significant cost savings on your seminary credits

Soma Sending students pay only a fraction of the cost of a typical Western Seminary course for however many credits of Soma Sending they need. On average, you'll pay 65% less than our current tuition rate without the need to apply for financial aid (you'll still pay an Educational Resource Fee each semester). If you choose to continue your training toward a master's degree, you'll also be able to apply for other financial aid to pay for your tuition. Low costs let you complete your training and get planting without the need to go into debt. 

Keep in mind that these savings apply only to credits completed at Western, as there are separate Soma Sending training expenses which are not reduced.


How to Get Started

Before you can access your partnership benefits, you'll need be apply to the Soma Sending program and get accepted. The application process includes five phases that become increasingly and intentionally personal:

  1. Phase 1A: Initial Application (general info, personal description, spiritual life, preparedness, Soma Sending agreement)
  2. Phase 1B: head to, choose "SOMA" from the list of agencies when asked, and complete the free assessment (be honest!)
  3. Phase 2: Initial Interview (dives into any questions from the initial application and looks at your readiness)
  4. Phase 3: Personal and Pastoral Application (personal history and spiritual, emotional, mental, etc. health—confidential; church and leadership, pastoral theology, sermon sample)
  5. Phase 4: Church and Wife's Endorsement (gains affirmation from your sending church and spouse, in areas of gifting/calling)
  6. Phase 5: Final Interview (dives into any questions from the personal info/church recommendation)

Once accepted into Soma Sending, you'll need to also apply for admission to Western Seminary in order to receive seminary credit. You'll want to apply for admission in fall of the year that your two-year Soma Sending program begins in order to receive all 10-12 credits. If you do not plan to receive all credits, you may apply at other times throughout the year.

Find deadlines and apply for admission online to begin your training.


  • If you plan to receive Western Seminary credits, but not for a degree program, please apply as "non-degree student". You will need to complete all parts of the application, including a listing of your prior education. You do not need to send in letters of recommendation or transcripts.


  • If you plan to earn a Western Seminary Graduate Studies Certificate or master’s degree program, apply as a degree student and fill out all parts of the application, and then submit letters of recommendations and transcripts.


For questions related to receiving Western Seminary credit for Soma Sending, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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