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The Gospel Coalition Hawaii Seminary Partnership

The Gospel Coalition Hawaii Seminary Partnership

The Gospel Coalition Hawaii is a network of island churches that draws the people of Hawaii into living that is empowered by the gospel. Meanwhile, Western Seminary trains leaders who do the work of the gospel with faithfulness and skill. The many similarities in our missions and theological beliefs convinced us of the great potential of working together. As such, the partnership we've now forged delivers special benefits to TGC Hawaii members to make gospel-centered seminary training accessible and affordable without leaving the islands.



Exclusive Partner Scholarship
cuts your tuition costs


Hawaii-Based Cohort
for learning without leaving


Gospel-centered Training
at the heart of Western Seminary 


Cut costs with the TGC Hawaii Ministry Partner Grant

Get world-class ministry training from a school you trust while keeping costs down. The Ministry Partner Grant pays a generous portion of your tuition costs if you are preparing for full-time or part-time ministry under the mentorship of a TGC Hawaii member pastor. Connect with TGC Hawaii network staff to learn what percentage of tuition this grant covers and how to qualify. Then submit your aid application online on our Student Information System (S.I.S.).


Take courses with a Hawaii-Based Cohort

We believe that students learn best in community, which is why we offer a Hawaii Cohort: a gathering of 10-16 students who can walk through courses in a blended format that includes both online content and live seminar meetings. Western faculty and local Hawaiian leaders will lead 1-2 courses in each of our fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Our commitment to flexibility means that you can also complete intensive hybrid courses on campus in Portland, San Jose, or Sacramento at multiple points each year. Or you may complete online courses wherever you have an internet connected device.

Western Seminary degree options for TGC Hawaii members include:


Gospel-centrality for instruction and spirituality

The gospel is the power of God for salvation and the basis for lives of holiness on Earth. It far transcends any tips or tricks that we might offer about how best to minister. Each degree program we offer is built upon a foundation of biblical studies and hermeneutics, with an eye toward exploring how the the gospel is further unpacked through each book of the Bible. Even skill-based and spiritual formation courses are taught with an understanding that ministry should be fueled by connection to gospel-purposes, rather than pragmatism. The result of training like this is not only knowledge, but genuine transformation. See what our president has to say about the gospel...


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