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Western Seminary + Bridgeway Christian Church

Biblical Theology Class, Spring 2020

Gospel-centered transformation is the aim of our ministry at Western Seminary. That's why we put professors like Dr. David Nystrom in the classroom with students who long to bring spiritual renewal to churches like Bridgeway. We hope you will join us this winter/spring for a unique opportunity to take a Western Seminary class at a location possibly closer to you.

This seven-session course will be taught at Bridgeway Christian Church. Anyone can register for the seven sessions! Its design is twofold:

    • A full seminary course to educate ministry, Bible, and theology students as part of their graduate degrees (or for auditors to sit in). 
    • An opportunity for guests to sit-in on a portion of a seminary course to enhance their biblical knowledge and ministry skills.

Course Description

The purpose of this class to introduce students to the subject and history of biblical theology, to investigate the unity of the Bible; to discover the ongoing flow of the revelatory and redemptive process, structured around God's major covenants, that reaches its climax in Jesus Christ; to learn a gospel-centered and Christocentric hermeneutic; and to explore the necessity and implications of biblical theology for ministry in the local church. 2 credits. 

Meets Wednesdays, January 29-March 11


Register as Bridgeway Class

6:30 - 8:30PM


This is geared for those who attend Bridgeway Christian Church and are taking it as part of Classes at Bridgeway. If you are interested in taking the course this way, regardless of whether you attend Bridgeway, register through Bridgeway's portal (you can set up an account with them).


Register for Audit

5:30 - 9:30PM


This is the perfect option if you want to experience a full seminary class. Don't worry, you don't have to do the homework, but you sit in on the full experience as a student! Registering you through Bridgeway gets you only 2 hours of each class session, but auditors sit in as much as students do. Cost is $198 (25% off the normal rate).


When you click the button above, you are registering as a "student" at Western and need to set up an account with us (don't worry, no application or references are needed). If you are not techy and are confused at all, please call 916-488-3720 x312 or x307. We would love to walk you through the process. Step by step instruction is available that should help. You will know you are registered once you receive an invitation to the Online Classroom (which will be live in early January).

Course Syllabus

Download the Biblical Theology Syllabus (geared primarily for students and auditors who want to follow along with the entire course).


Directions to Bridgeway

About David Nystrom 

David Nystrom is a faculty member at Western Seminary Sacramento Campus, located just north of Sacramento in Rocklin, CA. As a native son of Northern California, Dr. Nystrom is no stranger to the Sacramento community. He lives in Auburn with his wife and daughter, in proximity to relatives, friends, and a network of churches who have been touched by his influence. 

David Nystrom

His experience in real-world ministry is part of what makes Dr. Nystrom such a valuable asset to the Church. He spent his formative ministry years serving in youth and college pastor roles with local churches, during which time he was ordained by the Evangelical Covenant Church. His role within that denomination grew in scope and influence over the years, as an ex officio member of the Executive Council of the Covenant Denomination, a consultant on matters pertaining to Christian Education, church planting and spiritual formation, and as Theologian in Residence for the Pacific Southwest Conference of the Evangelical Covenant church (preaching and teaching at local churches and mentoring their pastors). 

Read more about Dr. Nystrom, hear him speak, and learn how to leverage him for your ministry.