The Graduate Studies Certificate Program


Program Objectives & Requirements

Western Seminary offers the short and flexible Graduate Studies Certificate (GSC) program for individuals who require limited and focused theological training to enter a ministry role or for personal growth and development. Since these credits could also be subsequently applied to diploma or degree programs (depending upon the specific curricular requirements of each), the GSC is suitable for those who wish to enroll in seminary without making the commitment required for longer programs. GSC students are able to select the discipline in which they will take most (or all) of this coursework.

The program may be appropriate for:

  • Ministry directors and staff in a local church;
  • Mission personnel in professional and non-professional roles who seek formal biblical, theological and missiological training;
  • Christian school educators who need to further their education in biblical and theological studies;
  • Laypersons and marketplace leaders who desire to deepen their preparation for effective lay ministry;
  • Individuals who need a “trial year” in seminary to better define their vocational aspirations;
  • Spouses of Western students who wish to participate in some aspect of their spouse’s education.

Students who wish to pursue this type of program, but on an enrichment (non-credit) basis, should take the Advanced Studies Certificate offered by the Online Campus.

Admission Requirements

Students entering the certificate program for credit are expected to present a baccalaureate degree and give evidence of Christian faith, character, promise, and maturity. The same admission standards, materials, and procedures as for the M.Div. program are required. Applicants who seek admission, but who do not meet admission requirements, may seek special consideration from the Admissions Committee.

Transfer Credit and Residence Requirements

The Graduate Studies Certificate program requirements cannot be met with transfer credit or advanced standing.

Of the 16 credit hours required for the Graduate Studies Certificate program, all 16 credit hours must be completed through coursework at any of the Western Seminary campus locations (including our Online Campus). Reinstatement to the program after withdrawal requires Admissions Committee action and may subject the student to additional requirements for the degree. All credits applied toward the program requirements must be earned within ten years of the awarding of the certificate.

Certificate Requirements

To earn a certificate for credit a student must complete 16 credit hours of study with a 2.5 cumulative grade point average. Students, with advisor consent, will choose one concentration area of at least 8 credits grouped around a common discipline or theme, and the remaining hours (up to the required 16) as open electives. Students anticipating or considering later applying these credits towards a 30-hour Graduate Studies Diploma or a master’s degree (M.A. or M.Div.) should consult with their advisor to ensure that credits earned in the certificate program will apply toward their future degree program.

Many courses are offered by an intensive (on campus) schedule, or through a variety of distance learning formats. The intensive module permits study through convenient scheduling options throughout the year. The distance learning format provides opportunity to individuals outside Portland to study and learn while remaining in their home area and ministries. All credits applied toward the degree requirements must be earned within ten years of the awarding of the degree.

Western Seminary offers seven options in the Graduate Studies Certificate program: Open Track, Bible specialization, Theology specialization, Ministry specialization, Coaching specialization, Pastoral Care to Women specialization, and Youth and Family Ministry specialization.

Graduate Studies Certificate Curriculum Plan

Specialization or Track: 16 credits (select one)

Open Track
Concentration Studies: 8 credits
Courses in one area with advisor consent.
Open Electives: 8 credits
Biblical Studies Specialization
Biblical Theology: 4 credits
BT501 Hermeneutics 2
BT502 Understanding Biblical Theology 2
Biblical Literature: 12 credits
Interpreting Genesis to Song of Solomon 4
Interpreting the Prophets and Gospel 4
Interpreting Acts to Revelation 4
Biblical Languages Specialization
Biblical Studies: 4 credits
BT501 Hermeneutics 2
BT502 Understanding Biblical Theology 2
Biblical Languages: 8 credits
Greek Grammar 3
Greek Reading and Syntax 3
NT513 -or- Greek Exegesis 2
OT511 and Hebrew Grammar 3
OT512 and Hebrew Reading and Syntax 3
OT513 Hebrew Exegesis 2
Open Electives: 4 credits
Theological Studies Specialization
Biblical Studies: 4 credits
BT501 Hermeneutics 2
BT502 Understanding Biblical Theology 2
Theological Studies: 12 credits
Knowing the Living God: Theology I 4
Glorifying the Word of Life: Theology II 4
Living as the Community of the Spirit: Theology III 4
Women's Transformational Leadership Track (Portland, Sacramento, & San Jose campuses)
Women's Transformational Leadership Studies
WL501 Pastoral Understanding of Women 2
WL502 -or- Women in Pain, Part 1 1
WL503 Women in Pain, Part 2 1
WL504 Women in Leadership 2
WL505 Building Relational Ministries for Women 1
WL506 Develop and Deliver Life-Changing Bible Messages 2
WL507 Develop Life-Changing Bible Study Curriculum 1
WL508 Develop Your Discipling and Evangelism Potential 1
Open electives: 6 credits