General Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from the Seminary, all students must:

  1. Give evidence of orthodox belief, genuine Christian character, and conduct consistent with a God-given call to a position of leadership;
  2. Demonstrate an ability to use the English language with precision in both speech and writing;
  3. Complete the prescribed course of study within the time limitation and achieve the required grade point average as outlined in the catalog;
  4. Remove any admission provisions;
  5. Complete at least the final 20 credit hours in resident study, except for the Online M.A. (Biblical and Theological Studies) degree program, which only requires six credit hours in residence. (Program handbooks contain residency requirements for the Th.M., D.Min. and D.Int.St. and EdD programs);
  6. Settle all financial obligations, including payment of the graduation fee—students who have not made satisfactory financial arrangements will not have access to any student services, including transcript, diploma, or enrollment for a second degree;
  7. Receive the recommendation of the Faculty and approval by the Board of Trustees for graduation;
  8. File all graduation information with the Registrar’s Office no later than September 15 of the academic year in which the student plans to graduate;
  9. Attend the annual commencement exercises—permission (in writing) to graduate in absentia must be requested by writing to the Academic Appeals Committee at least six weeks prior to commencement (such permission is normally granted only when it would cause hardship for the student to attend).

Additional graduation requirements for specific degrees are announced in the degree sections of this catalog and the program handbooks.

Master’s degree students who have not completed all academic requirements may petition the Administrative Committee for permission to participate in commencement exercises if the following conditions are satisfied:

  1. The remaining graduation requirements will be completed by the last day of the summer semester;
  2. Eight hours (M.Div.), six hours (M.A.), or four hours (Th.M.) or less remain for completion of the degree;
  3. The student has registered for these courses from the regularly scheduled summer course offerings (independent and individualized studies excluded);
  4. All admission provisions are removed;
  5. All incompletes are satisfied;
  6. All thesis or dissertation requirements are complete;
  7. The appropriate graduation fee has been paid.

Students in master’s level global studies programs (M.A., M.Div.) may be permitted to participate in commencement prior to completion of their internship/practicum. These students must submit an approved practicum/internship proposal that anticipates the completion of the field requirements within twelve months of commencement. Please consult with the Registrar for additional information

Degrees are recorded each semester. The last day of the semester, as indicated by the academic calendar, is considered to be the official date of graduation. Commencement exercises are held once per year. A degree is granted only when the Registrar confirms the completion of all academic requirements, the faculty recommends, and the Board of Trustees votes to award the degree.