Admission Categories

Degree or Diploma Status

A student who has been admitted to a certificate, diploma, master’s or doctoral program at Western Seminary with all appropriate privileges and responsibilities is a degree or diploma status student. Specific admission requirements for each program are outlined elsewhere in this catalog. Degree and diploma applicants use the regular application materials and procedures.

Non-Degree Status

A student who has been admitted to enroll for one or more courses without the intention of completing a program at Western Seminary is a non-degree status student. The student must satisfy the general admission requirements of the Seminary as described above. A limited number may be admitted each semester, and enrollment is restricted in some courses. Non-degree students are expected to complete the same coursework requirements as degree or diploma students. Under certain conditions, credits accrued are later accepted for degree requirements at Western Seminary or may be transferred to another graduate institution. The non-degree status is considered a one-semester admission category, subject to renewal. A student enrolled in the non-degree status may complete up to 12 credits without being granted degree admission. The graduate studies (non-degree) application materials are used. This application includes an admission statement. Non-degree students are subject to the same deadlines and fees as regular students.