Lands of the Bible Study Tours

Several Western Seminary faculty are expert guides of the meaning and the land of the Bible, thanks to a breadth of experience in archaeology, travel, biblical studies, and cultural understanding. They bring the Bible to life with passion and experience – causing students to understand the foreign lands and people that played center stage in the story of the Gospel. Yet they are convinced that even more vital learning can happen outside the classroom.

Each year, students from any campus may join a handful of these faculty members on an unforgettable study tour of either Israel, or Greece and Turkey. Not only will they earn elective credits toward their seminary degree, but they’ll bring a new richness and depth to their understanding of God and his Word. Will you be the next to go? If you have any questions, please email Dr. Jan Verbruggen: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Israel Study Tour

  • This tour takes place in May of even-numbered years.
  • Costs include tuition, travel, lodging and meals.

BLS 566G – Israel Study Program

A three-week course in the geographical and historical settings of the Bible is offered in conjunction with the Jerusalem University College. The course is taken on Mt. Zion at the Jerusalem University College campus. Guided field trips as well as class lecturers introduce the students to the geographical regions, travel routes, and archaeological remains throughout the land of Israel. Students visit such biblical sites as Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jericho, Hazor, Megiddo, and Capernaum. Overnight stays in the Negev and by the Sea of Galilee enable students to see how the Land of Israel shaped and influenced history of God’s dealings with His covenant people. 4 credits

View the 2014 ISRAEL Trip Video


Greece and Turkey Study Tour

  • This tour is offered on an occasional basis.
  • Costs include tuition, travel, lodging and meals.

BLS 566F - Greece-Turkey Study Tour*

This is a course designed to give the student knowledge of the Gentile world the Apostle Paul encountered as he set out on his missionary journeys. Focus will be given to Hellenistic, Roman, and Jewish cultures, as they intersected in the Mediterranean world. Study of key passages in both the book of Acts and various Pauline epistles will be made. All of this will be enriched by on site experiences, beginning with Paul’s birthplace, and ending with Paul’s ministry in Athens. On site emphases will include Ephesus, Philippi, Corinth, and Athens. In addition to the significant cities of the missionary travels of Paul, selected cities mentioned from the book of Revelation will be visited. The focus is on the movement of Christianity from its roots in first century Judaism to the Grecian-Roman world in which it expanded. 2 credits.

*In some years, this tour focuses alternatively on Greece and Italy.