Tuition and Fees

Master's Level Tuition
 Credit  $600 per hour
 Master of Counseling (Portland Campus) Credit  $630 per hour
 Auxiliary Courses (Perspectives, etc.)  $260 per hour
 Audit   $130 per hour
 Audit Coaching classes  $600 per hour
Doctoral Level Tuition
Credit Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)  $630 per hour
Credit Doctor of Intercultural Studies (D.Int.St.)  $670 per hour
Credit Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)  $670 per hour
Audit   $150 per hour
Term Fees

Education Resource Fee
Required for all students in programs registered for at least one course for credit each term.

$220 per term


Special Programs

Enrichment  $130 per hour
Enrichment Coaching classes $600 per hour
CEU (in addition to audit or enrichment tuition cost) Varies by Learning Activity
CTC Certificate Transformation Coaching MCS 290 $2,000

Other Fees

Application Processing Fee $  50
Late Registration Fee After Open Registration Period Ends $  50 one time with first course registration
Course Change Add Fee After Semester begins $  25 per course
Course Change Drop Fee After Open Registration Period $  25 per course
Advanced Standing Examination Fee $  60 one time sitting fee plus $30 per credit on passing exams
Delinquent Account Fee - On balances under $2,000 $  50 per month
Delinquent Account Fee - On balances over $2,000 $ 100 per month
Ministry Formation Course Fee (e.g., MF500) $ 250 per class
Ministry Formation Lab Fee (e.g., MF531-4) $ 250 per class
Counseling Internship Continuation Fee $ 400 per class


Masters $ 250
Dual Degree in Same Academic Year $ 250 plus additional $40
Doctoral $ 400
Certificate/Diploma/Partners in Ministry $ 50


For Processing Within 7-10 Business Days $  5 per copy
For Processing Within 3 Business Days $ 15 per US address plus
$  5 per copy
Diploma Reorder Fee (first diploma is included in grad fee) $ 30