Educational Support

Campus Facilities

Western Seminary delivers coursework on the following approved campuses and teaching sites:

Library Services

Cline-Tunnell Library (Portland)

Each of Western’s three campuses, in Portland and Northern California, is served by a professional librarian, staff and resources. To find out more about the San Jose or Sacramento libraries, from the “Students” menu above, select “Library Services” and then your specific campus.

Portland’s Cline-Tunnell Library contains more than 95,000 volumes and receives more than 190 current theological journal subscriptions. The library makes full use of technological advances that aid faculty and students in pursuing their research and study goals. The library is a member of the Online Private Academic Library Link (OPALL), a group of five private colleges in the Northwest, which shares resources through an online database, merging the holdings of all five libraries (520,000 titles). This database is accessible from home and office at OPALL has also joined the Regional WIN Consortium, which gives our patrons access to over 2,000,000 resources just in the Northwest.

The library is also a member of the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC), a national library network which gives patrons access to millions of titles at institutions throughout the world via interlibrary loan. In addition to its book purchases, the library has received thousands of volumes of out-of-print materials on microfiche from the American Theological Library Association’s Monograph Preservation Program. Digital copies of theses produced each year by students at over 100 religious schools are accessible through our online catalog, which links to the Theological Research Exchange Network. Patrons, likewise, have computer access to articles in the American Theological Library Association’s religious periodicals and the American Psychological Association’s psychology databases, as well as several other programs, which are helpful for research and ministry. We are now subscribing to a large collection of academic e-books, currently numbering over 114,000 and growing rapidly. These are accessed through the link in the online catalog record, or directly via EBSCOHOST.

The Seminary holds institutional membership in the American Theological Library Association, Association of Christian Librarians, American Library Association, and the Association of College and Research Libraries.

Student Services and Organizations

Mentoring/Student Development

Students are assigned faculty mentors according to the programs they are pursuing. The mentor often assists the student in planning his or her academic program (including the practicum, where applicable) and provides a source for helpful counsel in other areas of life and ministry. These mentors are experienced practitioners in the field in which the student is training. Students and faculty are encouraged to maintain frequent contact with each other.

International Students

Western Seminary provides for the distinctive needs of our international students and their families through the International Student Office, located on the Portland campus. The International Student Coordinator assists with admission, immigration matters, housing, orientation, cultural adjustment, and reentry concerns. (Further information on international student services is available on our website.)

Student Ministry Team

All students are welcome to participate in student ministry. The Student Ministry Team develops creative ministries focused on the Seminary community in various areas of its life—academic, social, and spiritual; serves as a source of information for and input to the students; and represents the needs and interests of the student body to the Seminary’s faculty, staff, and administration.

Counseling Resources

Counseling services are available from a variety of sources. Students and their families often turn to their pastors for spiritual and/or emotional guidance and support. Additionally, on-campus counseling is available through A New Day Counseling Center.

Practicum/Mentored Ministry Supervision

Most programs at Western include a practical ministry experience component. This is taken when deemed prudent by the student, his/her faculty mentor, and a field mentor. The field mentor is an experienced practitioner in the field of the student’s intended ministry. Practicum sites are most often local churches, but can include parachurch organizations or college campuses. When needed, students are assisted in both site and field mentor selection.

Placement/Career Development

The Seminary offers the services of the Placement Office for students and alumni who seek assistance in locating a ministry position. The Placement Office maintains files and resumes of students and graduates as well as a current listing of churches, parachurch organizations, and mission agencies that are seeking to fill key ministry roles. The placement services may be accessed at

Alumni Services

The Seminary offers a number of services to its nearly 5,000 alumni. In addition to a placement program that helps graduates find a place of ministry, Western’s support also includes opportunities for continuing education, periodic publications written especially for alumni, and occasional gatherings with Seminary personnel. Information is available from the Alumni Office on the Portland campus. Visit the alumni page for news and events.


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