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Pastoral Care to Women

The continual changes in our world, in our communities, and in our churches call for informed and relevant training - training that results in ministry effectiveness. Bible, theology and spiritual formation make up the foundation on which the specifics of the pastoral care to women track is built.

If you are seeking to increase your personal knowledge of God and the Bible, to further develop care-giving skills, expand your sphere of influence and leadership arenas, or cultivate your ability to accurately teach the Word of God, the Pastoral Care to Women track is created with you in mind.

The Pastoral Care to Women track is designed to provide in-depth training that is biblical, relevant, and accessible (available online and on 3 campuses). Students are equipped with an awareness and understanding of issues that cause emotional pain and hinder spiritual maturity, resulting in sensitive leaders and biblical shepherds who integrate understanding with biblical pastoral care principles. 


(credit, audit or enrichment)

PCW 511 Pastoral Understanding of Women - Explore how the physiological, psychological, cultural and spiritual aspects of a woman's life affect good pastoral care. Gain understanding of seasons and transitions in life cycles against the background of societal role change for women. Discover biblical examples and guidelines for shepherding women. Develop strategies for developing friendships, mentoring relationships, group support and other helps for shepherding women. 2 hours. Faculty: Bev Hislop, D.Min.

PCW 512X Women in Pain I - Effective ministry to women MUST include a greater understanding of the issues that bring pain into a woman's life, such as: suicide, pornography, emotional and physical abuse, eating disorders, widowhood, same-sex attraction, breast cancer and post-abortion stress. Developing awareness will enable one to discern a woman's source of pain and encourage her to take the first steps toward healing. Learn how, from a biblical perspective, to help a woman grieve losses, begin transitioning to health and get professional help when needed -- while continuing to walk beside her. 2 hours. Faculty: Bev Hislop, D. Min., with guest instructors in their area of expertise.

PCW 512Y Women in Pain II - This course examines additional issues that generate emotional pain in women's lives. Issues discussed may include: infant/child death, spiritual abuse, infertility, terminal illness, physical disabilities, homelessness and incarcerated women. Students will learn how to offer effective pastoral care and create an environment of grace, a healing community.2 hours. Faculty: Bev Hislop, D.Min., with guest instructors in their area of expertise. 

PCW 513 Women in Leadership - Are you in leadership or preparing for a leadership role? This class is designed for you and your leadership team! Students will examine the call and character of a woman in leadership, explore the art of leadership, identify the essential competencies, and much more. Gain insights from biblical and historical examples of women in leadership. 2 hours. Faculty: Bev Hislop, D.Min.

PCW 514 Building Relational Ministries to Women - Learn how to build, maintain and advance - from vision to reality - relational ministries for women featuring four components: cast the vision, build the team, discern the need and mold the ministry. The focus is on relational components such as building and strengthening a leadership team, accurately discerning the needs of individual women and molding the ministry around that unique profile while developing spiritual friendships and mentoring relationships. Students will learn how to enhance ministry effectiveness by reflecting a relational emphasis in promotion, evaluation and celebration. 2 hours. Faculty: Bev Hislop, D.Min.

PCW 515 Develop and Deliver Life-Changing Messages - Learn how to prepare and deliver messages that are biblically accurate, relevant and applicable. Use homiletic principles and skills to prepare and evaluate messages. Expand ability to involve audience, to maximize visuals, to include humor and to modify content to fit situation. Prepare to speak with clarity and passion. Explore elements of effective devotionals, special event messages and retreat series. 2 hours. Faculty: Phyllis Bennett, D.Min., adjunct. 

PCW 521 Develop Life-Changing Bible Study Curriculum - Learn how to develop curriculum that is biblically sound, relevant and applicable to all arenas of a woman's life. Acquire skills, grow in confidence and learn to train discussion leaders and curriculum-writing teams to create materials that are appropriate for neighborhood and/or church-based women's Bible studies. 2 hours. Faculty: Phyllis Bennett, D.Min., adjunct.

Programs: Graduate Credit  
(Pastoral Care to Women track. BA or BS degree prerequisite.)

Programs: Non-credit
(Pastoral Care to Women track. Audit or enrichment. High School Diploma or equivalent prerequisite.)

Advanced Studies Certificate (18 hrs. / 18 Learning Units)
The Pastoral Care to Women programs provide a balance of pastoral care, leadership development, biblical teaching and practical ministry skills. The Advanced Studies Certificate program prepares students to serve in church, parachurch or community ministries. This program can be completed on site or through our Online Campus. For more information, please see the Academic Catalog or contact the Women's Center for Ministry.  To apply and register, please complete the non-credit application/registration form. Tuition is the current audit/enrichment price.

The Partners in Ministry Certificate program (location: Portland Campus) 
is designed especially for the wives of Western Seminary students who are preparing for ministry. As both husband and wife prepare to serve, their bonds are strengthened. It also encourages ministry skills, deepens biblical understanding and provides mentoring relationships. Meet other wives and build supportive and potentially lifelong friendships as you attend studies especially designed for ministry wives. Upon successful completion of the Partners in Ministry Certificate program (6 hours or more), you may "walk" with your husband at graduation. For more information, please view the Partners in Ministry brochure or contact the Women's Center for Ministry. To apply and register, please complete the non-credit application/registration form and the Partners in Ministry Scholarship Form.

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