Integr@te is a desktop application that complements your digital learning experience at Western Seminary. One of the benefits of using Integr@te is that it allows you to download the course media to your computer so that you can access it at anytime.

Integr@te uses the Adobe Air platform and is compatible with both Macintosh and Windows desktop computers. (Integr@te is not compatible with tablets or phones.)

  1. Download and install Adobe Air and Integr@te:
    1. Download Adobe Air 
    2. Download Integr@te

      Older versions of Macintosh, prior to 10.6.8, are no longer supported in the newer version of Adobe Air, so you may need to download an older version.
      Attention Mac 10.7.2 users: Adobe Air will not install on this version of the OS. Please update your Mac to version 10.7.3 prior to installation.
  2. For a video tutorial that walks through this process visually, please see Getting Started with Integr@te on the help site. We also reccommend watching the video Using Integr@te which explains how to use all the features of Integr@te.
  3. Once installed, start the application by:
    1. Double-clicking the red Western Seminary logo icon on your desktop.
    2. Choosing Integr@te from your list of programs or applications.
  4. When the application opens, you will see a login screen that allows you to choose between two different systems, the Online Learning Center (OLC) and the On-campus Classrooms. The OLC is used for distance education classes while the On-campus Classrooms is used with hybrid classes.

    Both of these systems have an equivalent website using a system called Moodle. Login using the same username and password that you use to login to Moodle.

    Your username should be the same as your student id. If you took the technology assessment, your initial login prior to being a student was your email address. This login is now obsolete. Make sure to use the new login emailed once you became a student.

  5. Once you have entered the application...
    1. Click on "Add Course" and then "Download from Website".

      If the button is grayed out, then you have logged in "offline" mode. Exit the application and login again with "offline" unchecked.
    2. Click on your course. The page will change to the Download Manager and your course will begin to downoad.

      Your course will not appear for download until you have been enrolled into the course. This does NOT happen immediately after registration. Rather, you will receive an email when your course is available for download.
    3. When your first lesson has finished downloading, click on the "Welcome" button and your course will now be listed. You will now be able to begin watching the first lesson while the rest of the course continues to download.

      You may return to the Download Manager at any time by clicking the "Download Manager" button at the bottom of the screen, or by clicking the "Download Manager" button on the upper left of the course screen. You may also stop the download process and start it again at another time.

For help, tutorials, and troubleshooting; visit our Help Site.