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MF Mentor Benefit

Non-faculty mentors who support the Mentored Field Ministry program of Western Seminary are invited to audit one of our courses at any of our three seminary campuses. It is our small way of saying "Thank you!" for your investment in our students. We recognize, however, that distance from campus or time availability may make that option difficult for many of you. To make the mentor-course benefit available to everyone, for the first time we are able to invite you to view online or download to your computer, one of our Online Campus courses instead.* Here's what those options mean to you:

Option 1: Stream Online through Your Internet Browser

Integrate mobileIf you have access to a high-speed wireless Internet connection (WIFI), you may choose to access your course using a standard web browser. We recommend that you use either Google Chrome or Firefox for best performance. Since this is a browser-based approach, it will typically work effectively on desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone platforms. After a simple login, you are able to view course media for the course you choose. We do not recommend, however, that tablet or smartphone uses stream course content using their mobile data plans. The files are simply too large and will consume most plans quickly.

To access your course online through your browser, please click on the link below.

Go To Web

Option 2: Download into Integr@te

integrate home 450Most laptop and desktop computers now include one or more large (750 GB - 1 TB) disk drives that allow users to download and store large amounts of content locally. Once downloaded from the web, content becomes available universally without concern for an Internet connection. For this purpose, Western Seminary students download their courses into our propriety content and resource delivery platform, Integr@te. This system permits you to view course media anytime and anywhere. And you can copy your course to disk and keep it as a lifelong learning resource. The program also tracks your progress to help you know what you watched and how far along you are in your course.

How big is the course download? Pretty big. But don't let that be of great concern. Each semester hundreds of our students successfully download multiple courses to their computers for any time viewing. For your guidance, we have included total download sizes for each course in the chart below. Integr@te's download manager allows you to download courses all at once or piece by piece, with all the activity taking place in the background. After you successfully download your first media component, you can start watching while your course continues to download.

To use the Integr@te course delivery platform, you must first download two small programs: Adobe Air and, the program itself, Integr@te. For complete instructions please follow the link below.

Download and Install Integr@te

Option 3: Use Both!

Once you are registered to access the course materials, you can use Integrate when you are on your desktop or laptop, and Integr@te Mobile when you are using your tablet or smartphone. The same username and password work for both platforms.


* Note: Mentors who choose the online course option will not be registered as an audit student for that course and no record will appear on a student transcript. If you desire or require audit status, you must enroll in a campus course.

Available Courses

  Course Course TItles Instructor
BL 501 Interpreting Genesis to Song of Solomon Tim Mackie
BL 502 Interpreting the Prophets and the Gospels Carl Laney
BL 503 Interpreting Acts to Revelation Josh Mathews
CH 501 Wisdom from Church History Todd Miles
BT 501 Hermeneutics    Todd Miles
BT 502 Understanding Biblical Theology Todd Miles
IS 526 Religions of the World John Branner
ML 501 Theology and Practice of Gospel-Centered Ministry Steve Korch
ML 502 Transformational Leadership John Johnson
ML 503 Nurturing Faithful Disciples Ron Marrs
ML 504 Taking the Gospel to Diverse Cultures Gerry Breshears
ML 505 Applied Pastoral Counseling: Caring for People in a Broken World Norm Theisen
ML 506 Ministerial Ethics Josh Mathews
ML 507 Gospel Responses to Contemporary Challenges Gerry Breshears
ML 508 Preaching Gospel-Centered Messages Jeff Louie & Steve Mathewson
ML 521 Premarital Counseling Norm Theisen
PT 501 Pastoral Care and Leadership John Johnson
PT 521 Developing Strong Families Ben Burns
CS 501 Learning to Love God and Others Randy Roberts
CS 502 Practicing Prayer and Other Key Disciplines Rob Wiggins
TH 501 Theology I: Knowing the Triune God Gerry Breshears
TH 502 Theology II: Glorifying the God of Our Salvation Gerry Breshears
TH 503 Theology III: Living as the Community of the Spirit Gerry Breshears
TH 523 Prayer and Providence Gerry Breshears
& Todd Miles

Sounds Good...Now What?

If you would like to use an online course to access your MF Mentor benefit, here is all you need to do:

  1. Choose your course from the above list.
  2. Complete the following form and submit it for verification of your mentor benefit status and to select the course of your choice.
  3. You will receive a confirmation by email of your selection, along with your login information. If you plan on using Integr@te to download your course, you may download and install the two required files at any time. You will not, however, be able to access your course until you receive your username and password.
  4. If you have any questions regarding the involved systems and technologies, please email Jon Raibley or call him at 503-517-1899.

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