Theology Certificates

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All Christians are have been commissioned as agents of gospel truth, and Christian leaders are called to help others grasp more fully who God is and what he has done through Christ. These certificates provide Christian leaders with a solid theological foundation that will enable you to do that as effectively as possible. All courses in these certificates are also available for individual purchase in the Course Library.


All certificates are offered for the low price of just $60


Foundations in Theology
Course TitleInstructorHRS

Theology 1: Revelation and Who God Is

Gerry Breshears 5

Theology 2: Humans, Jesus and the Holy Spirit 

Gerry Breshears 5

Theology 3: Salvation, the Church, and the Kingdom

Gerry Breshears 5

Total Hours

The Gospel and Theology
Course TitleInstructorHRSCost

What is the Gospel?

Marc Cortez 5 $25

Gospel, Salvation and Other Religions

Todd Miles 7 $25

Introduction to Theology, Revelation, and Salvation

Gerry Breshears 3 $25

Total Hours



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