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Our library is divided topically into five areas: Bible, Theology, Faith, Work, and Economics, Leadership and Church Ministry, and Intercultural Ministry. You have the option of selecting individual courses or certificate tracks made up of 14 or 15 hours of course material. Browse by section below or register to enroll.


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These courses will help equip you to read and understand the story of the Bible. You will be introduced to principles of interpretation, the basic structure and main themes of Scripture, and some of the key details in the Old and New Testament. Purchase any course below individually by visiting our registration page.

Course TitleInstructorHRSCost

Bible Survey: A Big Screen Perspective

Bert Downs 5.5 $30

The Big Story of the Bible

Nancy Guthrie 3 $15
Old Testament Overview Carl Laney 10


New Testament Overview Carl Laney 10


How to Study Your Bible
Todd Miles 4


God's Plan for the Ages Carl Laney 1



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Simply put, theology is the study of God. In these courses you will gain a foundational understanding of some of the key concepts in gospel-centered, biblically-oriented Christian theology. As you grow in your knowledge and worship of the Triune God, you will become better equipped to lead others to know and worship him too. Purchase any course below individually by visiting our registration page.

Course TitleInstructorHRSCost

Theology 1: Revelation and God's Nature and Character 

Gerry Breshears 5 $25

Theology 2: Humans, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit 

Gerry Breshears 5 $25

Theology 3: Salvation, the Church, and the Kingdom 

Gerry Breshears 5 $25

What is the Gospel?

Marc Cortez 5 $25

Gospel, Salvation and Other Religions

Todd Miles 7 $35
Introduction to Theology, Revelation and Salvation Gerry Breshears 3 $15

Faith, Work, and Economics

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The courses in this area address various topics that connect Christian faith with fruitful work and economic wisdom. The gospel of Christ pertains to all aspects of creation and the life of God's people in the world. These courses will equip you as leaders in whole-life discipleship, in the church and in your communities and workplaces. Purchase any course below individually by visiting our registration page.

Course TitleInstructorHRSCost

Theology of Work

Gerry Breshears 4.5 $25
Theology and Economics Greg Forster 3.5


Calling and Complexity, Calling and Constraint Kate Harris 1 $5

Implementing a Theology of Work

Kent Humphreys 5 $25
Navigating the Marketplace with Grace and Accountability Panel 1.5


She's There, Look Closer! Panel 1.5


Work Matters Tom Nelson 1


Your Work As Worship (Coming Soon!) Frank Erb 1


Women, Leadership and Church Ministry


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These courses pertain specifically to leadership in the context of church ministry. You will learn principles related to things like eldership, how to train future leaders, and caring for church members who struggle with depression. Purchase any course below individually by visiting our registration page.

Course TitleInstructorHRSCost

Training Future Leaders

John Johnson 9.5 $50

12 Marks of a Healthy Board

Panel 2 $10

Special Care for Members with Depression

Gary Lovejoy & Greg Knopf 3.5 $20
Soul Care through Biblical Counseling (Coming Soon!) Craig Hardinger 3 $15

Ministering for Maturity

Bert Downs 3.5


Women in Leadership

Bev Hislop 7.5


Shepherding Women I: Biblical Perspectives Bev Hislop 4 $20
Shepherding Women II: Life Stages and Finding Your Voice Bev Hislop 3 $15
Shepherding Women III: Friends, Mentors and Soul Care Bev Hislop 4.5 $20

Intercultural Ministry

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The courses in Intercultural Ministry are designed for those interested in gospel-centered, transformational ministry among people of a culture different than their own. This series of courses will acquaint you with the basic ideas, skills, and attitudes needed for healthy relationships and culturally appropriate ministry in an intercultural setting. Purchase any course below individually by visiting our registration page.


Course TitleInstructorHRSCost

Introduction to Intercultural Ministry

Mark Hedinger 2.5 $35

Diversity of Human Cultures

Mark Hedinger 2.5 $35

Intercultural Communication

Mark Hedinger 2 $30

Tools for Learning Another Culture

Mark Hedinger 3


Culture Mapping

Mark Hedinger 2.5



Mark Hedinger .5



Preview a class!

Want to preview a CLD course? We now offer sample lessons from seven different classes including:

    • Bible Survey: A Big Screen Perspective with Dr. Bert Downs
    • Old Testament Overview with Dr. Carl Laney
    • How to Study the Bible with Dr. Todd Miles
    • Systematic Theology with Dr. Gerry Breshears
    • Training Future Leaders with Dr. John Johnson
    • Women in Leadership with Dr. Beverly Hislop
    • Diversity of Human Cultures with Dr. Mark Hedinger

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