Courses We Offer

The continual changes in our world, in our communities, and in our churches call for informed and relevant training - training that results in ministry effectiveness. Bible, theology and spiritual formation make up the foundation on which the pastoral care to women track is built.

If you are seeking to increase your personal knowledge of God and the Bible, to further develop care-giving skills, expand your sphere of influence and leadership arenas, or cultivate your ability to accurately teach the Word of God, the Pastoral Care to Women (PCW) track is created with you in mind.

The Pastoral Care to Women track is designed to provide in-depth training that is biblical, relevant, and accessible. Students are equipped with an awareness and understanding of issues that cause emotional pain and hinder spiritual maturity, becoming sensitive leaders and biblical shepherds who integrate understanding with biblical pastoral care principles.

We've listed basic descriptions for the classes and their content below. For even more detailed information on the classes we're offering this semester, check out the syllabus page (note: only the syllabi for this semester's courses willl be posted online).

WL501 – Pastoral Understanding of Women

This course offers a comprehensive look at what it means to effectively shepherd and care for women. Students will learn how cultural and spiritual aspects of womanhood not only shape pastoral care, but also contribute to a woman’s role in the Kingdom of God. We will discuss gender and cultural stereotypes as well as a woman’s evolving place in society. In understanding a woman's season of life as well as her emotional and spiritual needs, students will grow in mentoring, developing friendships, offering group support, and caring for women pastorally. 2 credits.

WL502 – Women in Pain, Part I

Increasing awareness of experiences that cause a painful crisis in women’s lives enables one to offer strategic pastoral care and referral when needed. Issues discussed in this course will include domestic violence, eating disorders, post abortion stress and depression. In addition to the in-class topics, other issues students may choose to explore via a reflection/research paper could include same sex attraction, sexual abuse, suicide, widowhood and pornography. Students learn how, from a biblical basis, to help women grieve losses, begin transition to health, and secure professional help when needed. 1 credit.

WL503– Women in Pain, Part II

Revisiting additional aspects of emotional pain in women’s lives, this course enables an increased awareness of pain through biblical experience and the lives of women today. Students will identify tools of compassionate, effective, and strategic pastoral care. They will learn about local resources for those in pain and/or their caregivers, how to make appropriate referrals, and how to understand empathic listening and presence. Issues discussed will include miscarriage, child death, infertility, parents in pain, religious abuse, physical disabilities, chronic pain and homelessness. In addition to the in-class topics, other issues students may choose to explore via a reflection/research paper could include terminal illness, military families and incarcerated women. 1 credit.

WL504– Women in Leadership

In this course students explore four essential components of being a Christian woman in leadership: call, character, craft, and competencies. Concerning the call of a woman in leadership, attention is given to understanding and valuing what motivates a person to lead. Students learn how to define and develop Christ-like character and integrity of heart in private and public arenas. The art of leadership is examined, including cycles, styles, and gender issues. The many facets of being a change agent, communicator, and mentor are investigated, and insights are gained from biblical and historical examples of women in leadership. 2 credits.

WL505 – Building Relational Ministries to Women

Students learn how to build and advance – from vision to reality – relational ministries featuring four components: cast the vision, build the team, discern the needs, and mold the ministry. The focus is on relational components, such as building and strengthening a leadership team, accurately discerning the needs of women and molding ministry from that profile, while developing spiritual friendships and mentoring relationships. Students will learn how to enhance ministry effectiveness through promotion, evaluation and celebration. 1 credit.

WL506 – Develop and Deliver Life-Changing Messages

This course equips participants to prepare and deliver biblically accurate and culturally relevant messages that are compatible to diverse learning styles while remaining applicable for today’s audiences. Students will acquire exegetical and expository preaching skills needed for creating gospel-centered messages with a definable purpose. Participants will embrace their own unique speaking style cultivated by their spiritual gifts and personality profile. Speakers will learn how to breathe life into their communication using captivating introductions, emotional word pictures and heart-warming illustrations with a clear and passion-filled delivery. This course will explore elements of effective devotionals, special event messages, and retreat series. 2 credits.

WL507 – Develop Life-Changing Bible Study Curriculum

Learn how to write, select and adapt Bible study curriculum that is biblically sound, relevant, and applicable to all arenas of life. Grow in confidence in training discussion leaders to shepherd biblically stimulating and relationally healthy small groups. Glean an overview for training curriculum-writing teams that can create materials appropriate for neighborhood and/or church-based Bible studies. 1 credit.