Western Seminary Students Take No Shortcuts


Each year, hundreds of men and women choose Western Seminary for relentlessly practical ministry training -- built on a bedrock of theological reflection that is gospel-centered. Here they find an accredited education that grows their love for God in defiance of old seminary stereotypes. And thanks to our legacy of innovation in class scheduling and delivery, students from around the world can train without having to uproot from the communities they love and serve.

They could have chosen cheap, quick, or trendy. Here's what they chose by getting theological training at Western:

Skill forged from theological reflection

Skill forged from theological reflection


Highest Levels of Accreditation

Highest levels of accreditation


Practitioner Faculty

Practitioner Faculty


 Students who take no shortcuts in training become servant leaders who are ready for anything.

What kind of student will you be? 

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The Shortcuts

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