Feedback Coaching


Students in all coach training courses beyond CO 200/500 Intro to Coaching are required to conduct a feedback coaching sessions with an ICF credentialed coach (ACC, PCC, or MCC).  This assignment is required for all credit students as well as audit/enrichment students and is a key aspect of the training process.  More details can be found in your class syllabus, and on this page you can find the basics.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Record a 30-minute coaching session using (or a similar method).  You should ask your client to complete a release form in order to share the recorded session with your feedback coach.
  2. Contract with one of the qualified coaches listed below (all coaches have agreed to a $35 rate).
  3. Send the coach the link to your recording.
  4. The coach will listen to your coaching session.
  5. The coach will send you feedback using this form (a Word document).
  6. You will review the feedback (and learn from it).
  7. You will send the feedback to our CTC Coordinator, Laura Miltenberger using S.I.S.
  8. After the end of the semester, Laura will send your certificate for the class. Keep these class certificates; you will need them in order to complete the CTC or apply for an ICF credential.

Feedback Coaches

The following coaches have agreed to provide this service for $35/session.  You should contact the coach directly and arrange payment directly with the coach.