What Students Are Saying

Western Coaching prepares students to serve in ministry and marketplace contexts, to coach in informal and professional settings, and to express and expand the kingdom of God through coaching.  Western Coaching attracts students from all around the world and from an amazingly diverse set of backgrounds.  What all of these coaches have in common is the high value they place on the coach training they received from Western Seminary.

Want to hear what some of these coaches have to say about coaching and our training?  Take a look and learn how coaching can benefit you in similar ways.

Felicia LarsonCoaching caught me by surprise.  As a lay leader in my local church I was hoping to find new skills to help those I serve.  I found that and so much more.  I found a better way to listen, which helped me to ask better questions, which led those I serve to take ownership of the choices they made.  I also found a new career path as a personal coach.  Western Seminary has a top-notch coaching staff with skills designed to bring out the best in each student.

Felicia Larson
Personal Coach

Al RayAs founders of MarriageTeam, a nonprofit that trains Christian couples to be marriage coaches and places couples with our trained coaches, my wife and I attended the Western Coaching Program.  The program was exceptionally well done and provided the coaching framework that we teach all our coach couples.   The program not only improved our skills but also gave us practical tools that we applied directly to our training program.  Proof of its success can be found in a recent report from a first time coach couple – We just finished our third meeting tonight.  The divorce is off and all are under the same roof again…Praise God.

Al Ray, Executive Director

Karen A. HowellsAs an experienced consultant and executive coach, I enrolled in Western’s MA of leadership, with an emphasis on coaching.  My goal is to deepen my theological framework in order to have an even greater impact with my clients.  This program and the professors are providing exactly what I hoped for; a Christ-centered approach that is practical, honoring my unique experience as an adult student and challenging me to go to the next level as a Christian and professional.

Karen A. Howells, President
The Howells Group, Inc.

Ian DuriasAt Compassion International, we are able to serve our volunteers in a much deeper way through coaching.  Our volunteers, or Child Advocates, are champions for children in poverty and endeavor to “speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.”  We believe that the best advocacy is initiated and pursued by an Advocate and coaching has helped us design an environment where they can do their best work.

Ian Durias, Advocate Coaching & Training Manager, USA
Compassion International

Lauri SutterfieldWith my first class, I fell in love with coaching and the potential I saw.  The instructors are outstanding and truly encourage their students.  Coaching taught me that people already know the answers they need to move ahead in life, & ministry choices.  Now I see my passion coming to life as I train leaders in ministries and parachurch organizations to use coaching to encourage people to take ownership for their spiritual growth.  Most often, these people don’t need to be told what to do.  They already know.  They just need the confidence to do it, and coaching provides that confidence.

Lauri Sutterfield

Dan JackowitzAs a licensed marriage & family therapist, I attended a coaching training from another school and  I wasn’t impressed by what I saw.  What a difference in the training at Western!  The Coach Trainers presented coaching in a way that showed me how biblical, Christ-centered, and powerful it could be.  Now, coaching is a vital part of my ministry, both as a therapist and as I start a coaching practice.  With Coaching, I have truly effective tools to work with people who want change in their lives.  I highly recommend this training to anyone looking for usable ministry skills.

Dan Jackowitz
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist