Institute of Diaspora Studies (IDS)

Institute of Diaspora Studies (IDS)

IDS LogoWhat is IDS-USA?

The Institute of Diaspora Studies (“IDS-USA”) at Western Seminary is a joint effort of researchers of diaspora missiology, trainers and practitioners seeking to practice diaspora missions in the 21st century.

What for?

The Vision of IDS-USA

The mission of IDS is to motivate and mobilize the Church to fulfill the Great Commission by ministering to, through, by/beyond and with the diaspora.

The Mission of IDS-USA

The “mission” of IDS-USA is to carry out the Great Commission by practicing Glo-cal missions, i.e. globally serving diaspora communities abroad and locally engaging in ministering to the diaspora within the North American context.

Who should be interested in IDS-USA?

  • Anyone interested in the fulfillment of the Great Commission by tracking with the global trend of diaspora and strategizing accordingly.
  • All who are keen to recognize the providential moving of diaspora from their homeland and ready to reach them spiritually who have become more receptive to the gospel, e.g. refugees and victims of human trafficking, migrants & merchants, diplomats and foreign students.
  • All who realized the unprecedented opportunities to reach the newly arrived strangers in our  neighborhood and at our door steps.

What is the history of IDS?

Launching of IDS in 2007 - Two Public Events:


Launched by offering two courses:

  1. “Case Studies of Diaspora Missiology: Jew, Chinese and Filipino on the Move“ 
    Taught by Drs. Enoch Wan, Tuovya Zaretsky and Sidiri Joy Tira (May 29 – June 1, 2007, M.A. level - 3 credits)
  2. “Business as Transformation: Principles and Practice of Holistic Mission”
    Taught by Dr. Ted Yamamori (June 4-8, M.A. or D.Miss. level – 3 credits)


An Asian IDS counter-part was launched in the Philippines by way of two public events:

  1. Enoch Wan gave the commencement address on April 1, 2007 at the Alliance Graduate School of Theology in Manila, Philippines on “Abraham - the prototype of subsequent Jewish diaspora” 
  2. Followed by a diaspora course taught by Dr. Sidiri Joy Tira in Manila and elsewhere.

Hosted the Associates for Diaspora, LCWE, January 3-5, 2008 in Portland, Oregon.

Co-sponsored “Global Diaspora Missiology Consultation” - Nov. 2006 in Alberta, Canada.


How IDS-USA operates?

There are many flexible ways IDS-USA can serve the Church at large through research and publication, training and coaching in both formats of non-formal education (e.g. workshops and seminars) and formal education (e.g. credit bearing courses at graduate and post-graduate levels), etc.

Course Offerings

Diaspora Missiology
Taught by Drs. Enoch Wan, Tuvya Zaresky, Sadiri Tira - Summer 2007, 2009 and April 2010

The Mission to Hindus in Diaspora
Taught by Dr. Atul Y. Aghamkar - 2009

Diaspora Missiology
Team taught by Drs. Enoch Wan, Thanh Trung Le, Andy Ponce, Mike Holland, and Rev. Randy Mitchel, May 2013.

Recent Western Seminary doctoral students specializing in diaspora studies:

 Tuvya Zaresky
The Challenges of Jewish-Gentile Couples: A Pre-evangelistic Ethnographic Study
Spring 2004. Later published by William Carey with the title:
Jewish-Gentile Couples: Trends, Challenges, and Hopes.

Sadiri Emmanuel Santiago B. Tira
Filipino Kingdom Workers: An Ethnographic Study
Spring 2008. Later published with the same tile in the EMS Dissertation Series, William Carey, 2011.

Yaw Attah Edu-Bekoe
Ghanaian diaspora: An integrative study of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana congregations in the United States of America
April, 2011. Later published as Scattered Africans Keep Coming. Yaw Attah Edu-Bekoe and Enoch Wan. April 1, 2013.

James Mook Sum Lai
An ethnography of the contextual approach of community projects among the Yunnanese Chinese community in Lashio, Myanmar
(Chinese diaspora), September 15, 2013

Mike Holland
Diaspora mission to Hispanics in the USA
February 11, 2013

Thanh Trung Le
A missiological study of Vietnamese diaspora
January, 2013. Published with the title: Mobilizing Vietnamese Diaspora for the Kingdom. Enoch Wan and Thanh Trung Le, Spring 2014.

Paul Kyu-Jin Choi
Towards a paradigm of missional ecclesiology for Korean diaspora
April 2014

Siu Lun Law
An ethnographic study of the relief ministries of the Oasis Chapel and missiological implications for relational missiology
Published with the title: The 2011 Triple Disaster in Japan and the Diaspora, 2014.

Ted Rubesh
Wandering Jews and scattered Sri Lankans: viewing Sri Lankans of the G.C.C. through the lens of the Old Testament Jewish diaspora
February 7, 2014. Published with the title: Wandering Jews and scattered Sri Lankans: Understanding Sri Lankan diaspora in the GCC region through the lens of OT Jewish diaspora, 2014.


List of Available Books

For more information about IDS, please contact:
Dr. Enoch Wan, Director of IDS, at 503.517.1804 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.