Learning Together Program

Student spouses are invited to audit seminary classes at minimal charge, providing couples with the opportunity of engaging in ministry preparation together.

You can register for and complete payment for your audit courses online by using the Student Information System (S.I.S).

If this is your first time logging into S.I.S., you will need to create a brand new SemConnect account by clicking the "I don't have an account" button. Follow the prompts to create your account, read through the pertinent welcome information, and then click the "Registration" link in the STUDENT SERVICES menu.

If you have taken for-credit or non-credit courses at Western previously, please login to S.I.S using the SemConnect account tied to the email address that you provided us with when you were last enrolled as a student. Or if you don't have a SemConnect account, just click "I don't have an account" and follow the instructions. Once logged into S.I.S., click the "Registration" link in the STUDENT SERVICES menu.  



The following are the policies pertaining to this program:

  1. This program is limited to spouses of students who are currently enrolled in a full Masters degree program. At this time, the spouses of Graduate Studies Certificate, Graduate Studies Diploma, and doctoral students are not eligible for the program.
  2. Students registered in the Learning Together Program will be charged the audit tuition rate. Within a few days of registration, the Financial Aid Office will apply a partial scholarship to the auditor’s account that covers the appropriate portion of the cost.
  3. Learning Together participants may choose from a variety of foundational courses. There are a few limitations; please check with the Student Services office for guidelines to register. In some cases, permission from the instructor is required for attendance in a particular class.
  4. Learning Together enrollment is limited to two courses per term and on a space-available basis.
  5. There will be no credit given for attendance at classes under this program. (Students whose spouses are required by a mission board to take seminary classes should check with their board to see if this arrangement will meet their requirements.)
  6. As with all non-credit registrations, we ask that Learning Together Program participants attend 80% or more of the class.
  7. Participating in class discussions and out-of-class conferences with professors should be kept to a minimum.
  8. Spouses are encouraged to do assigned reading assignments, but they should not submit papers or take quizzes, tests, etc.
  9. Children must not be brought to class or left unattended elsewhere on the campus.
  10. The spouse may select from any course available for audit (except coaching classes), even if the paying student is not enrolled in the selected course.

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