San Jose Campus Relocation

San Jose Campus Relocation

As the Seminary began to anticipate our current lease end for the San Jose campus in 2016, it became apparent that a substantial increase in rent was going to be expected by our landlord. Rebounding prices from the economic downturn in 2008 now favor owners more than the tenants and comparable sites were also either far too expensive or lacked important amenities such as nearby eating establishments, classroom windows, ease of access for commuters, lodging for visiting professors, etc. Consequently, we decided to consider church campus options in addition to commercial options (our Sacramento campus is housed on a church site and that partnership is working very well for both parties).  

After months of consideration, Western decided to relocate the campus to Christ Community Church in Milpitas (CCCM). In November, a Letter of Understanding regarding that relocation was signed by both parties. This is a prelude to the formal Letter of Intent (lease agreement) which is currently being reviewed by both parties and should soon be approved by both governing boards.

Why CCCM? Multiple factors were involved. First, they had given serious thought to how a church/seminary partnership could enhance our joint kingdom impact, both regionally and beyond; such synergy is not possible in a commercial relationship. Second, we already had some past (and positive) experience with them, since they hosted our last two commencement ceremonies and the recent Regeneration Forum conference. Third, as part of their commitment, they are both willing and able to sharply reduce our facility costs, which in turn eases the pressure to continue raising tuition rates (we already operate on very slim margins). Fourth, they are a multi-ethnic congregation that reflects the diversity of the Bay Area and also belong to a new denomination looking for a trusted regional provider of theological education. Fifth, they “tick the boxes” of the aforementioned additional criteria we were looking for in a site.

The relocation will occur after the completion of the summer 2016 semester. During the upcoming months, construction/remodeling of campus classrooms and administrative offices will be ongoing at the Milpitas location. The actual move of the current campus will take place in late July and early August, with classroom operations set to begin there with the fall 2016 semester.

In the months ahead, we will send out periodic communication regarding construction progress and other updates to keep San Jose students and alumni informed. With any change comes various trade-offs that affect different people in different ways. Please feel free to contact the San Jose campus office with any questions or concerns.