A Supreme Desire To Please Him

A Supreme Desire To Please Him

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Dr. Evan Burns, director of Western's Master of Arts in Global Leadership program, wrote a new book which was released in December 2016. Born out of the influence that Judson had on Dr. Burns' own life, this book is a "comprehensive scholarly synthesis of Judson's theology and piety." You can listen to an interview on the book with Dr. Burns and Dr. Marv Newell, Senior VP of Missio Nexus, at The Judson Center.

"It wasn’t until my undergraduate years that I first encountered the story of Adoniram Judson, and during that season, which was very difficult, God used the testimony of Judson’s unbreakable perseverance to strengthen my resolve to press on and follow Christ to the mission field. I decided to write this book because I wanted to be mentored by such an uncommon man who gave up everything not just once, but again and again, day after day, year after year."
- Dr. Evan Burns

A Supreme Desire to Please Him: The Spirituality of Adoniram Judson
By Dr. Evan Burns
Pickwick Publications (December 9, 2016)
256 pages | $31.00