Under An Open Heaven

Under An Open Heaven


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Dr. John Johnson, Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology and Leadership, just released a new book, Under an Open Heaven: A New Way of Life Revealed in John's Gospel. Published on February 27, 2017, this book explores the Gospel of John in an effort to apply its conversations to modern life.

“For much of my preaching career, I avoided work in John’s Gospel. For reasons not always clear, the book was formidable terrain I was not willing to navigate. Maybe it is because the other gospels are more bottom-up, while John is top-down. But when I discovered that John is a book of conversations, the Gospel suddenly came alive. Eventually, I realized that all of the conversations expand on the first one. Jesus announces to Nathanael that the heavens have opened with His coming. Everything has changed. We can live a far more profound life than the one we settle for. My hope is that this book will expand our imaginations as we live in light of an open sky." - Dr. John Johnson

Under An Open Heaven: A New Way of Life Reavealed in John's Gospel
By John E. Johnson
Kregel Publications (February 27, 2017)
264 pages | $15.99