What is Renewal?

Renewal is Western Seminary’s bi-annual online newsletter released every winter and summer. Stay in the know and follow along with us!

Why Renewal?

Both reformation and revival are key components of what we understand to be “spiritual renewal.” Renewal speaks of the truth-driven, divinely-empowered revitalization of the faithfulness and fruitfulness of God’s people. Both reformation and revival are ultimately dependent on God’s grace. We prayerfully work toward reformation, while also prayerfully seeking revival, all to bring about renewal and transformation.

Western Seminary serves as a catalyst and resource for spiritual transformation by providing, with and for the church, advanced training for strategic ministry roles.

We believe God is using our faculty, students, and supporters to bring about renewal and inner transformation all throughout the world. Read these stories of transformation that express this very notion of spiritual renewal as we seek to advance the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Want to know what’s been going on at Western Seminary?

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