Coffee, anyone??

When most people think of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest region, they think of the diverse coffee roasting and tasting scene that abounds there. Seattle was the birthplace of Starbucks back in 1971 and has continued to grow in popularity among coffee enthusiasts with each passing year.

Did you know? There are…

1,668 coffee shops

in Seattle, Washington. It is no wonder Seattle ranks #1 best city for coffee fanatics! (Smart Asset Rankings, 2017).

Western Seminary’s Seattle Teaching Site has sought to redeem this cultural phenomenon by inviting past, present, and future students alike to coffee tastings where they can also discuss theology and learn more about the seminary. 

Derek Hiebert, the director of the Seattle Teaching Site, partnered with current Western Seminary student Erik McFarland (who shared his passion for both coffee and theology) to create and launch this exciting vision.  

Derek shares, “In keeping with the flair of the region, Erik uses only local roasters for the coffee samples. He then also prepares food pairings that can only be described as mind-blowing. At our most recent event, he worked with a local chef to prepare three distinct tastings, starting with a light roast paired with a blueberry tart dessert. Then came a light-medium espresso roast, consisting of milk chocolate, hazelnut, strawberry and citrus notes, paired with strawberries stuffed with espresso and chocolate mascarpone. (Is your mouth watering yet?) Finally, he offered a rich dark roast coffee paired with an espresso-marinated beef with espresso maple glaze.”

 The National Coffee Association released a 2018 report identifying 64% of people in the nation to have consumed a cup of coffee within the past day; the highest level since 2012.

With daily coffee consumption on the rise, these coffee tasting events are just one example of the many creative opportunities to nurture gospel-centered transformation in an everyday context. 

Interested in joining in on the fun and attending our next tasting? To learn more and discover how to sign up, visit this website.