At Western Seminary, our students experience the power of the gospel transforming lives daily. Much of their ability to experience this is because of the prayer and financial support of those who believe in all God is doing through Western.  

God’s hand of blessing continues to inspire us. It is with equal parts humility and gratitude we share these four new scholarship and memorial funds that have been recently established for the upcoming fall semester to continue supporting students in need of additional support. 

Jim Kalleberg Memorial Scholarship 

Jim and Chris Kalleberg

The Jim Kalleberg Memorial Scholarship was created by the generosity of Kent and Lisa Askew. 

Jim Kalleberg was a gifted mentor, encourager, and leader. His ministry followed a pattern of Kingdom parables. Like the activity of the mustard seed and leavening, his work was unassuming but exponential. He began ministry during college by working with high school students as a group leader for Youth for Christ/Campus Life in San Diego. During these years of running high profile campus programs for hundreds of students, he learned the key to a successful, sustainable campus ministry was training student leaders one by one. 

After earning a Master of Divinity degree at Western Seminary, he served as a pastor to collegians at College Avenue Baptist Church in San Diego. He was one of three pastors who led 12 student interns, 200 disciple makers, and 200 disciples to actively share the gospel in their spheres of influence. This resulted in a ministry that involved over 1200 students per week and grew 25% per year. Jim trained the male leadership that formed the foundation of the entire ministry! 

In 1987, Jim and his wife, Chris, were called to the mission field and moved their family to Vienna. Jim successfully trained men to be pastors and elders of covert house churches in countries behind the Iron Curtain.  After the collapse of the Soviet Empire, Jim accepted a position as professor at a seminary in central Slovakia, where he served until the end of his missionary service. 

Jim was a living example of 2 Timothy 2:2. The extent of his ministry through multiple generations of disciples around the world will only be understood when we all meet in glory. 

What is unique about this scholarship? The scholarship will be funded by a $20,000 gift and will be awarded to students pursuing the Master of Divinity degree. 

The 2018 Cornerstone Church Scholarship Fund 

The Cornerstone Church Scholarship Fund has been established to provide scholarship grants to meritorious students in need of funding who feel called to pursue theological education at Western Seminary.  

What is unique about this scholarship? The scholarship will be funded by a gift of $30,000 ($5,000 per student) and will cover 50% of tuition for 2-3 semesters to be awarded to six full-time incoming students at Western with an emphasis on students entering the following types of ministries upon graduation:  

(1) Mental Health: students with a desire to serve underrepresented communities, domestic violence resource centers, mothers/children which include both chemically dependent and abuse victims, or low-income children and their families. This may also include students interested in serving churches to provide mental health care to congregants and or to augment the needs of the pastoral counseling team.  

(2) Ethnic Minority Focused Ministries: students committed to serving in ethnically diverse urban/suburban settings. This may also include students interested in serving an established church or church plant whose focus is primarily on meeting the needs of ethnic minority communities. 

(3) “Gospel on the Ground”: students whose calling is in a non-traditional setting. It could look like working with the homeless population in a secular agency, working with state and federal entities to provide care and support for women that have been trafficked, and/or a minority student who wants to receive a PhD and return to his/her respective community to provide quality education. 

Don and Pat Pitman Scholarship 

Don Pitman, a graduate of Western Seminary, and his wife, Pat, have a deep commitment to the mission of this institution. Their desire is to help ease the financial burden of one or two students during their final phase of study through their generous $8,000 scholarship.  

What is unique about this scholarship? Recipient(s) will be married, with their spouse currently working to put them through school. Additionally, the recipient(s) will have a calling and commitment to overseas missions or pastoral work after the completion of their studies. 

Bessie V. Hodson Memorial Scholarship 

Bessie with her grandson, Aaron, and his fiance, Quincy.

This scholarship was created in memorial of Bessie V. Hodson. A faithful supporter of Western Seminary for 29 years, Bessie loved to sew and knit, and gifted many items to seminary students. She had both an independent and compassionate spirit. She emigrated by boat from Taumarunui, New Zealand, at 23 years of age, and traveled the United States as a registered nurse. Bessie met Victor Hodson and settled in Hillsboro, OR, raising 3 children and 2 step-children. She passed away from this life into heaven on March 16, 2018. 

What is unique about this scholarship? The award amount for this scholarship is $5,400 and will cover 50% of tuition until the funds are exhausted. This scholarship will focus on a new or current student who is supporting a dependent child at the time of application and is committed to entering some form of Christian ministry immediately after graduation. 

If you or a student you know is interested in applying for any one of these scholarships, click the attached link for further steps to apply.  

Interested in setting up your own memorial scholarship or scholarship fund? Visit our Ways to Give page to learn more today.