Meeting with Student Development Deans

The Student Development Deans are a group of Western Seminary staff designated to offer you support and help you connect with resources for student growth and success.  We have great regard for our students and look forward to serving you.

What is a Student Development Dean?

The Student Development Deans (Williana Purnama, Executive Dean of Student Development; Andy Peloquin, Dean of Students; and Michelle Workman, Dean of Student Success) at Western Seminary are intended to serve as a liaison between students and the institution. One of our primary roles is to provide support and mentoring to students to help ensure their ultimate personal, spiritual, and academic success at Western. When a student is distressed and seeks assistance or when the institution has concerns about a student’s development or well-being, a referral is made to one of the Student Development Deans for follow-up.

Will a Student Development Dean offer counseling?

No. Even if one of the Student Development Deans is a qualified professional counselor, the contact will remain a supportive mentoring and accountability relationship. If professional counseling is recommended, several names of counselors with expertise in the area needed may be provided by the Student Development Deans or the Counseling Department.

Are these meetings kept confidential?

Frequently, the issues that you discuss with a Student Development Dean are resolved satisfactorily between you and the Dean and nothing further is done. On some occasions, if the issues discussed may affect your continued enrollment at Western Seminary, your conversation with a Student Development Dean may be referred to the Student Development Committee for possible further action. When deemed necessary, information may also be communicated to your academic advisor or to the respective department faculty. Such communication is normally restricted to that which is necessary to ensure appropriate support and decision-making with regard to student development. The Student Development Deans do not release information beyond what is described in this paragraph unless there is a written request from the student, threatened harm to self or other requiring crisis intervention, a court order mandating further release of information, or an institutional need for further information or action. Disclosure of information to Western Seminary employees will be limited to information necessary for the performance of duties within that person’s job description. For example, a disciplinary action may require awareness by faculty, the Academic Dean, or the school President.

Is this meeting a form of discipline?

No. The intent of meeting is to provide support, mentoring, resources, and accountability for growth and progress toward your academic/degree goal. In short, we want to help you to succeed at Western Seminary.

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Andy Peloquin
Andy Peloquin
Director of Student Development
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Michelle Workman
Michelle Workman
Dean of Student Success
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