MAMFT Curriculum Change Conversion Chart

Use the following chart to detemine how your current courses map to the new curriculum requirements.

Biblical Interpretation and Theology

2016-2017 Curriculum2017-2018 Curriculum
DBS516 Survey Learning Interpret Scripture 2 no equivalent course requirement
BLS511 Survey Genesis Song Solomon 2 BL511 Survey Genesis Song Solomon 2
BLS512 Survey Prophets Gospels 2 BL512 Survey Prophets Gospels 2
BLS513 Survey Acts – Revelation 2 BL513 Survey Acts – Revelation 2
THS511 Survey Theology I 2 TH511 Survey Theology I 2
THS512 Survey Theology II 2 TH512 Survey Theology II 2
THS513 Survey Theology III 1 TH513 Survey Theology III 2
Or TH513 Survey Theology III (see note below) 1
  • Students who have completed DBS516, BLS511-513 and THS511-513 are done
  • Students who have completed some of these courses will complete a maximum of 13 credits total

Marital & Family Therapy

2016-2017 Curriculum2017-2018 Curriculum
No change No change.

Total credits

2016-2017 Curriculum2017-2018 Curriculum
73 credits (minimum) required 72 credits (minimum) required