Online Course Sampler

MFM 500 - Discovering and Developing Your Ministry Potential

Ron Marrs 1



With Ron Marrs, Ph.D. and Terry Burns, D.Min. This personal assessment course uses a variety of tools that will assist you in gaining a greater insight into how your personality, gifting and experience might best be matched with potential ministry opportunities. Attention will be given to gaining maximum profit from formal and informal ministry training.

Lesson 3-1 (12:22 Min)

PTS 505 - Providing Effective Leadership in the Local Church

John Johnson 1



With John Johnson, Ph.D. This course builds on the principles of DMS 506 and applies them to the local church. The aim is to prepare pastors to be the leaders God intends for His church. Specific issues treated include pastoral self-leadership; building a leadership team; creating a healthy staff -board relationship; leading a congregation through change, crises and conflict, and the dynamics that come with growth; effective management of resources, from volunteers to staff development to budgeting and expenditures; and leading the church into the future.

Lesson 1-2 (18:05 Min)

SFS 501 - Learning to Love God and Others

Randy Roberts




With Randal Roberts, D.Min. The theological and practical dynamics of evangelical spirituality will be examined to provide a solid foundation both for rich fellowship with the Triune God and for living out the Great Commandment. The nature of spiritual maturity will be examined (including a biblically-balanced model of priorities) and practical experiences for nurturing that maturity will be provided. 2 hours or 2 Learning Units.

Lesson 1 (34:37 Min)

THS 564L - Prayer and Providence

Gerry Breshears 1



Todd Miles 1




Gerry Breshears, Ph. D. & Todd Miles, Ph.D. Understanding the role of prayer in divine sovereignty is an essential question in the believer's life. It is a part of grasping the balance between God's providential guidance of the world and secondary causes such as obedience and sin. These sorts of questions merit our best efforts for they lie at the heart of Christianity. You will do careful work to comprehend the various themes the Bible uses to describe providence and prayer, interact with the major contemporary and historical approaches, and grapple with some of the deep questions for ministry and life from personal and ministry perspectives.

Lesson 1-2 (11:41 Min)

I spent a good part of my business career developing and managing e-commerce, and web-based services including online education. I think the Western Online Campus is top notch. The performance and design are really excellent. As someone who is a long distance from the campus, this has proven to be an excellent alternative...The format allows me to stop and take more detailed notes or back up and capture a better understanding of thoughts that are new to me. So, I get a lot out of the online format and the reviews are very effective tools to my learning as well.

Craig Hanney

M.A. in Ministry and Leadership Student

Redmond, Washington