CNS504 – Psychotherapeutic Systems (Coming in Spring 2019). This course will provide a historical and theoretical overview of the major counseling theorists. 2 credits.

CNS518 – Career and Lifestyle Development.  (New in Summer 2019) The course begins with an exploration of the theology of work and moves to an examination of career selection and career development theories. Students will learn about occupational information sources and systems as well as lifestyle and career decision making. 2 credits.

CNS 544 - Violence / Abuse Issues.  The purpose of this class is to prepare counselors with skills to recognize and assess clients for possible abuse, develop a clinically and ethically sound strategy of intervention, and construct a theologically sound perspective on violence. The course includes a discussion of abuse which may occur in a variety of settings and ages. State reporting requirements are also considered. Prerequisites: CNS 501, CNS 505, CNS 506, CNS 507. 3 credits in San Jose and Sacramento, 1 credit in Portland.

CNS 560 – Advanced Career Counseling. Lectures By:  John Bradley. This course will focus on further developing career assessment and counseling skills.  Focus will be given on utilizing the IDAK assessment instrument and helping clients make informed career decisions.  1 credit.

CNS 561L – Premarital Counseling. Lectures By:  Norm Thiesen, Ph.D. This course will focus on the rationale, tools, and procedures for premarital education and counseling. The student will be credentialed in the use of Prepare/Enrich materials. 1 credit.