CNS 507 – Human Life Span Development. Lectures By:  Dave Wenzel, Ph.D. This course covers human development; including biological, psychological, sociological, and cognitive development from conception to death, including aging and long-term care. Diagnostic and psychotherapeutic issues that are particular to each phase of development will also be highlighted. For M.A. in Marital and Family Therapy or M.A. in Counseling students only. Course offered concurrent with on-campus course. 3 credits. 

CNS 510 - Spiritual Assessment. Lectures By:  Gerry Breshears, Ph.D. and Dave Wenzel, Ph.D. The practical and theological dynamics of spirituality will be examined. This course will focus on the process by which we both assess and encourage the spiritual life of those to whom we minister. Attention will be given to understanding the dynamic of spirituality, methodology for assessment, development of spiritual maturity and ways to involve spirituality in pastoral and clinical counseling. Prerequisite: CNS 508. The majority of the course will be conducted in a seminar format. The professors view the course as a group effort in “thinking through” issues, and application of concepts to your personal spiritual development and that of those you are assisting.  Student participation is necessary for the success of your experience in this class. 2 credits.

CNS 518 – Career and Lifestyle Development. Lectures By:  Norm Thiesen, Ph.D. This course begins with an exploration of the theology of work and moves to an examination of career selection and career development theories. Students will learn about occupational information sources and systems as well as lifestyle and career decision making. For M.A. in Marital and Family Therapy or M.A. in Counseling students only. Course offered concurrent with on-campus course. 2 credits.

CNS 560 – Advanced Career Counseling. Lectures By:  John Bradley. This course will focus on further developing career assessment and counseling skills.  Focus will be given on utilizing the IDAK assessment instrument and helping clients make informed career decisions.  1 credit.

CNS 561L – Premarital Counseling. Lectures By:  Norm Thiesen, Ph.D. This course will focus on the rationale, tools, and procedures for premarital education and counseling. The student will be credentialed in the use of Prepare/Enrich materials. 1 credit.

CNS 565F - The Business of Counseling. Lectures By:  David Wenzel, Ph.D, and Hollis Wenzel, M.A., LMFT. Counselors, while excellent at serving others, often lack the necessary skills for business end of counseling and ministry. To be successful in the work world, counselors need to be equipped in areas basic to operating ethically and successfully in business. This course covers topics such as developing a business plan, marketing, office space, business structures, book-keeping, billing, malpractice issues, leases, record keeping and staffing. 1 credit. 

CNS 565G – Case Management. Liz Wosley-George, Ph.D. This course will focus on the case management role of a counselor in a community mental health agency. Practical application will include need assessment, community resource awareness, models of change, treatment planning, multicultural sensitivity, billing and funding issues, documentation strategies, prevention, networking, and social advocacy. 1 credit.


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