Course Session Dates

Classroom Attendance - IMPORTANT!

1. If you are registered for either the Session “A” or Session “B”, your online learning center (http:// will open no later than May 1st at 12:01 A.M. Within the first week of your session you must upload your course affirmation file to register your attendance within that week. This is our way of “taking attendance” in the course; failure to submit the affirmation file within that first week may result in your being dropped from the course.

2. You must also “attend class” during the last week of your session. Even if you finish your other course assignments earlier in the session, you still must complete and return your course evaluation in your last week. At the beginning of that week, you will receive a link by email to the evaluation page. Completing and submitting the online form during your last week will constitute a record of your attendance.

Summer 2017 Semester

Semester  Session A Session B
Session C
Summer 2018 April 28 - August 6 April 28 - June 18 June 16 - August 6
Spring 2018 January 6 - April 16 January 6 - February 26 February 24 - April 16
Fall 2017 September 2 - December 11 September 2 - October 23 October 21 - December 11

Note: First week submissions or course evaluations received by 8:00 a.m. on the Monday following the end of your course start week or end week will be considered to have been received within the required one-week time window.