Request to Raise Online Campus Credit Limit

We desire that you succeed with your studies here at Western Seminary. If you can show that you can do well in the distance education environment, we are interested in considering your request to increase the allowed credit limit for you. The Online Campus standard credit limit is only related to fully online courses (not hybrid and campus courses). Please carefully consider this process we have outlined below. It is in your best interest that you do not overestimate or overload yourself as you fit seminary into your already active life.

We estimate that a student will invest about 45 hours of their time for each hour of credit taken during a semester. Some students find distance education courses challenging because of the amount of self-motivation and self-discipline required.

If approved, the higher registration limit will remain in place unless you receive a grade of “B-” or lower. If that occurs, you may be dropped to the original limit, and have to submit another request form to raise your limit again.

Our Online Campus staff is here to help you succeed. If you find yourself running into questions, or struggling with the increased workload, please contact us immediately.

Student ID:
Online Campus possible credit load you are requesting each semester (in credits)   

Reason for the Change:

Please clearly state why you should be allowed to have a higher Online Campus credit limit. Make a case based upon your past history/record with distance education, your organizational abilities, your accountability network, and/or with your current life situation.  Please also state every course number you want to take in the upcoming semester.
Is the requested increase need for just this coming semester?


What types of support systems do you have around you to achieve this credit load? Please make reference to some of these things (spouse, family, employers, friends, pastor, church, and/or doctors)
Please check all the items that you are currently involved with:

Time Disciplines:

Activity Weekly Hours

Devotion Prayer, Bible study, meditation, etc.
Meals Don't forget the preparation, dining, and cleaning.
Sleep / Hygiene 8 hours of sleep per night is 56 hours per week.
Church / Ministry Gatherings, small groups, preparation, activities.
Transit Travel time to and back from home, work, church, seminary.
Family Don't forget the date-night.
Fun Television, movies, games, parties, recreation.
Chores Laundry, shopping, cleaning

Total Life Hours

Credit Hours 4 = half time, 8 = full time
Class Time Usually equal to the credit hours.
Homework 2 hours for every class hour (in some cases 3 to 1)

Total Study Hours

Grand Total
168 hours in one week

Free Time
% Committed

Will this credit load work in your current life schedule?
Thank you for submitting the request. Someone will be contacting you shortly.