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What Our Online Students are Reading

We often hear from our alumni and friends of Western's teaching ministry. One question they frequently ask is "What books are your students reading in their classrooms?" Each semester we post all of our online syllabi which include both required and recommended reading texts, and most include direct links to where they are able to purchase the book if they choose. To make it even easier for those who are not our students, however, we have created a master list of text resources used in our classrooms, organized by academic discipline, and each with an active link to As you search these resources, please keep the following in mind:

  • Students should always refer to the appropriate semester's syllabi for up-to-date book requirements. Text choices can change from semester to semester and the student should only use the current syllabus as an acquisition guide.
  • Texts used in the classroom are not necessarily endorsed by the professor or by the seminary. Part of the graduate seminary experience is to help students engage ideas that are different from their own and individual texts can be used to teach in that context.
  • Not all texts in all courses are included in the lists below. Please refer to the individual syllabi for the complete list of required and recommended books and other resources.
  • ISBN numbers are provided for each text. Individuals who would prefer to order from another source than are welcome to use the ISBN number to search for the text through the vendor of their choice.
  • Western Seminary is an affiliate partner with All text purchases made through the provided link will return a portion of the purchase price to the seminary to help underwrite student tuition costs. Please know, too, that using the provided link does not increase the selling price of the resource.

Biblical Literature

English Standard Version Edited 978-1433534157 $11.99 BUY
New American Standard Edited 978-1885217950 $8.99 BUY
Interpreting the Psalms: An Exegetical
Futato, M. 978-0825427657 $20.15 BUY
The NIV Harmony of the Gospels Thomas, R.,
Gundry, S.
0-06-063523-1 $23.99 BUY
Sitting at the Feed of Rabbi Jesus Spangler,
978-0310284222 $21.99 BUY
Invitation to Biblical Interpretation Kostenberger,
978-0825430473 $46.99 BUY
According to Plan Goldsworthy 0830826963 $25.00 BUY
The Hermeneutical Spiral Osborne, G. 978-0830828265 $38.00 BUY
Gospel-Centered Hermeneutics Goldsworthy 978-0830838691 $28.00 BUY
Biblical Hermeneutics: Five Views Porter, S.,
Stovell, B.
978-0830839636 $24.00 BUY

Church History

The Story of Christianity, Vol 1 Gonzalez, j. 978-0061855887 $27.99 BUY
The Story of Christianity, Vol 2 Gonzalez, J. 978-0061855894  $27.99 BUY
Turning Points: Decisive Moments in the History
of Christianity
Noll, M. 978-0801039966 $24.99 BUY
 A History of Christian Missions Neil, S. 978-0140137637 $20.00 BUY
Perspectives on the World Christian Movement Winter, R. 978-0878082896 $32.99 BUY

Intercultural Studies

CCAI -The Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory Kelley, C.,
Meyers, J.
None $25.00 BUY
A Beginner’s Guide to Crossing Cultures Lane, P. 978-0830823468 $18.00 BUY
Cultural Intelligence Livermore, D. 978-0801035890 $24.99 BUY
Cultural Anthropology: A Christian Perspective Grunlan, S.,
Mayers, M.
978-0310363811 $22.99 BUY
Introducing Cultural Anthropology: A Christian Perspective Howell, B., Jenell, W. 978-0801038877 $29.99 BUY

Ministry Studies

Pastoral Theology in the Classical Tradition Purves, A. 0-664-22241-2 $25.00 BUY
The Shaping of Things to Come Frost, M., Hirsch, A. 978-0801046308 $19.99 BUY
Engaging with God Peterson, D. 978-0830826971 $28.00 BUY
Ancient-Future Worship Webber, R. 978-0801066245 $20.00 BUY
The Leadership Moment Useem, M. 978-0812932300 $16.00 BUY
The Advantage Lencioni, P. 978-0470941522 $27.95 BUY
Leadership Axiom: Powerful Leadership Proverbs Hybels, B. 978-0310495963 $15.99 BUY
Growing True Disciples Barna, G. 978-1578564231 $21.99 BUY
Choose the Life: Exploring a Faith that Embraces Discipleship Hull, B. 978-0801064708 $17.00 BUY
Spiritual Formation as if The Church Mattered Wilhoit, J. 978-0801027765 $24.99 BUY
Handbook for Chaplains: Comfort My People Toole, M. 0809143860 $8.95 BUY
The Work of the Chaplain Paget, N. 0817014993 $13.00 BUY
Counseling Families Across the Stages of Life Weaver, A. 0687084156 $33.99 BUY

Biblical Languages

Basics of Biblical Greek: Grammar Mounce, W. 978-0310287681 $54.99 BUY
Basics of Biblical Greek: Workbook Mounce, W. 978-0310287674 $24.99 BUY
Biblical Greek Laminated Sheet None 978-0310262947 $9.99 BUY
A Greek Lexicon of the New Testament and
Other Early Christian Literature
Bauer, W., Arndt, W.,
Gingrich, F.
978-0226039336 $175.00 BUY
Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics: An Exegetical
Syntax of NT
Wallace, D. 978-0310218951 $52.99 BUY
Beyond the Obvious DeYoung, J.,
Hurty, S.
1-59244-615-9 $42.00 BUY
Introduction to New Testament Textual Criticism Greenlee, J. 0801046440 $20.00 BUY
A Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament Metzger, B. 3-438-06010-8 $19.00 BUY
The Hermeneutical Spiral Osborne, G. 978-0830828265 $38.00 BUY
The Greek New Testament UBS, 4th Ed. 3-438-05113-3 $36.70 BUY
Essential Biblical Hebrew Verbruggen, J. 978-1500736156 $39.99 BUY
Hebrew and English Lexicon Brown, Driver 978-1565632066 $34.95 BUY
Pocket Dictionary for the Study of Biblical Hebrew Murphy, T. 978-0830814589 $10.00 BUY
Grammatical Concepts 101 for Biblical Hebrew Long, G. 978-0801046940 $20.00 BUY
A Reader’s Hebrew Bible Edited 978-0310269748 $54.99 BUY
Hebrew and English Lexicon Brown, Driver 978-1565632066 $34.95 BUY
From Exegesis to Exposition Chrisholm, R. 978-0801021718 $28.00 BUY
Pocket Dictionary for the Study of Biblical Hebrew Murphy, T. 978-0830814589 $10.00 BUY
Old Testament Textual Criticism Brotzman, E. 978-0801097539 $24.99 BUY
Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia Ellinger, K. 978-1598561630 $69.95 BUY
An Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax Waltke, B., O’Connor, M. 978-0931464317 $69.50 BUY

Pastoral Care to Women

Shepherding a Woman’s Heart Hislop, B. 978-0802433541 $14.99 BUY
The Emotionally Healthy Church Scazzero, P. 978-0310246541 $17.99 BUY
The Feminist Mistake Kassian, M. 978-1581345704 $19.99 BUY
In the Company of Women Hunter, B. 978-1590528136 $16.99 BUY
Shepherding Women in Pain Hislop, B. 080-2477054 $16.99 BUY
Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Scazzero, P. 159-1454522 $19.99 BUY
Gospel of Ruth James, C. 978-0310330851 $14.99 BUY
Into Abba’s Arms: Finding the Acceptance You
Have Always Wanted
Wilson, S. 978-0842324731 $14.99 BUY
Authentic Faith: The Power of a Fire-Tested Life Thomas, G. 031-0254191 $15.99 BUY
When Life and Beliefs Collide James, C. 978-0310250142 $16.99 BUY
Surviving the Storms of Life: Finding Hope and Healing
When Life Goes Wrong
Wright, N., Woodley, J. 978-0800732356 $12.99 BUY
Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership Barton, R. 083083513X $20.00 BUY
Unleashing the Power of Rubber Bands, Unleashing
the Power of Non-Linear Leadership
Ortberg, N. 1414321643 $17.99 BUY
Refining Leadership Stowell, J. 978-0310215653 $19.99 BUY
Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership McIntosh, G.,
Rima, S.
0801068355 $16.99 BUY
Mixed Ministry: Working Together as Brothers and Sisters… Edwards, Mathews… 978-0825425240 $16.99 BUY
Just Lead! Surratt, S., Carton, J. 978-1118314395 $24.95 BUY
Excellence in Leadership White, J. 978-0877845706 $16.00 BUY
New Doors in Ministry to Women Edwards, S., Mathews, K. 978-0825425080 $17.99 BUY
The Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable Lencioni, P. 978-0787960759 $24.95 BUY
Training the Called Woman to Teach and Influence Bennett, P. 978-1515191407 $14.99 BUY
The Language of Love Smalley, G., Trent, J. 1589973046 $7.99 BUY
Speak Up With Confidence Kent, C. 978-1600061448 $14.99 BUY
Biblical Preaching Robinson, H. 0801022622 $21.99 BUY
Adrenaline and Stress Hart, A. 084993690X $15.99 BUY
Preaching that Speaks to Women Mathews, A. 978-0801023675 $20.00 BUY

Practical Theology

Just Walk Across the Room Hybels, W. 0310266696 $19.99 BUY
Questioning Evangelism Newman 082543324X $16.99 BUY
Simply Christian Wright, N. 0061920622 $24.99 BUY
Death by Meeting Lencioni, P. 0470580437 $24.95 BUY
Simple Church Rainer, T. 0805447997 $14.99 BUY
Leadership Handbook of Management and Administration Berkley, J. 0801068142 $27.99 BUY
Solution-Focused Pastoral Counseling Kollars, C. 0-310-32929-9 $24.99 BUY
What’s Right With You Duncan &
0757302548 $15.95 BUY
Ministering to Twenty-first Century Families Rainey, D. 978-0849913594 $29.99 BUY
Sacred Marriage Thomas, G. 978-0310242826 $14.99 BUY
The Meaning of Marriage Keller, T.,
Keller, K.
978-0525952473 $25.95 BUY
Why Johnny Can’t Preach Gordon, T. 978-1596381162 $9.99 BUY
Christ-Centered Preaching Chapell, B. 978-0801027987 $29.99 BUY
Preaching to a Post-Everything World Eswine, Z. 978-0801091940 $20.00 BUY

Spiritual Formation

Water from a Deep Well Sittser, G. 978-0830837458 $24.00 BUY
Christ Formed in You Hedges, B. 978-0982438770 $15.95 BUY
Gospel Treason: Betraying the Gospel with Hidden Idols Bigney, B. 978-1596384026 $14.99 BUY
Practicing Affirmation: God-Centered Praise of Those Who
are Not God
Crabtree, S. 978-1433522437 $15.99 BUY
Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life Whitney, D. 978-1615216178 $15.99 BUY
Christ Formed in You Hedges, B. 978-0982438770 $15.95 BUY
A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World Miller, P. 978-1600063008 $14.99 BUY
Praying with Paul: Call to Spiritual Reformation Carson, D.A. 978-0801097102 $17.99 BUY
United and Ignited: Encountering God through Dynamic
Corporate Prayer
Fuqua, D. 1478177772 $13.99 BUY
Readings in Christian Ethics Vol 1: Theory and Method Clark, D., Rakestraw, R. 978-0801025815 $32.00 BUY
Facing Messy Stuff in the Church: Case Studies for Pastors
and Congregations
Swetland, K. 978-0825436963 $16.99 BUY
Protecting Your Church from Sexual Predators Glover, V. 082542691X $13.99 BUY
The Glorious Pursuit Thomas, G. 978-1576830529 $14.99 BUY

Theological Studies

Christian Theology Erickson, M. 0-8010-3643-7 $49.99 BUY
Theology in the Context of World Christianity Tennent, T. 978-0310275114 $29.99 BUY
Across the Spectrum Body, G., Eddy, P. 978-0801037931 $24.99 BUY
Two Views on Women in Ministry Beck, J. 978-0310254379 $22.99 BUY
New Dictionary of Biblical Theology Rosner, B. 0830814388 $55.00 BUY
According to Plan Goldsworthy 0830826963 $25.00 BUY
Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church Lawrence, M. 1433515083 $18.99 BUY
Three Crucial Questions About Spiritual Warfare Arnold, C. 978-0801057847 $20.00 BUY
God’s Rivals MacDermott 978-0830825646 $20.00 BUY
Waking the Dead Eldredge, J. 978-0785288299 $16.99 BUY
The Rules of Engagement Kraft, C., DeBord, D. 978-1597523103 $19.00 BUY
How to Meet the Enemy MacArthur, J. 978-1564760166 $36.76 BUY
A New Handbook of Christian Theologians Musser, D., Price, J. 0687278031 $42.99 BUY
The Deity of Christ Morgan, C., Peterson, R. 978-1581349795 $24.99 BUY
The Man Christ Jesus: Theological Reflections on the
Humanity of Christ
Ware, B. 978-1433513053 $15.99 BUY
Jesus in Trinitarian Perspective: An Introductory
Sanders, F., Issler, K. 978-0805444223 $24.99 BUY

Youth Ministry

Better Safe than Sued Crabtree, J. 978-0310282617 $16.99 BUY
Youth Ministry Management Tools Olson, G., Elliot, D., Work, M. 978-0310516859 $39.99 BUY
The Peacemaker Sande, K. 978-0801064852 $16.99 BUY