Portland Graduation: Odds and Ends

Grades for Spring Grads

Spring graduates receive their diplomas on the day of commencement if all of their graduation requirements have been met. This means that the final grades must be submitted from all instructors no later than noon on April 26. If you would like to receive your diploma at commencement, please work with each of your instructors to set early due dates for your work. They must have time to complete the grading and to submit your grades via an official grade form with an ink signature (emails and faxes do not satisfy the requirements of our accrediting agencies). Please understand that your instructors are not required to submit early grades, but many of them will do so if you turn your work in early enough.

Summer Registration

Summer graduates are required to register for all summer courses no later than March 31. If you will not be able to meet this requirement, please notify Hannah Hayes.


Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide childcare at the commencement or the banquet. Please make childcare arrangements for all children under five, and for older children who would not enjoy sitting quietly for an extended period of time. We do invite mothers of nursing babies to bring their babies to these events.


Many graduates are curious about whether or not they'll be graduating with honors. Honors are determined by your final grade point average (GPA).

RankFinal GPA
Honors 3.60 - 3.74
High Honors 3.75 - 3.89
Highest Honors  3.90 - 4.0

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