Portland Graduation: Academic Regalia

Caps, Gowns & Tassels

Your cap, gown, hood and tassel will all be ordered for you. We'll use the height and weight that you provide on your Application to Graduate to ensure that your regalia fits you properly. You may keep all of these after the ceremony. They are nice quality, but not the finest quality in order to minimize costs to you.

Purchasing Reglia

If you would be interested in purchasing a fine-quality regalia, you can check out the Jostens website to view your options. If you decide to make a purchase, please contact Michelle Workman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance. It will take at least two months for Jostens to make and ship your regalia and we do ask that you wear the pre-ordered regalia in the commencement ceremony so we have a consistent look. 


You will be able to pick up your cap, gown and tassel at the front desk of Armstrong Hall after an email is sent notifying students that regalia is ready. You'll take all of your regalia home, and bring it on the day of commencement. We'll ask you to return your hood immediately following the commencement ceremony.

Care of Regalia

Please plan to iron or steam your gown prior to coming to commencement. You may also iron your hood, if needed, but do not iron the velvet portion of the hood. That may ruin the hood. You maybe asked to pay for a damaged hood.

Regalia Details

Your cap, gown, hood and tassel will be yours to keep. The packagae we are using is ecofriendly regalia and considered nice enough to use again if needed. 

Your tassel will be one of three colors:

  • Red is for master's level theological degrees.
  • White is for the Master of Arts in Counseling degree.
  • Gold is for both doctoral degrees.

Your hood will be one of two colors:

  • Red is for all theological degrees. The doctoral hood is longer than the master's hood.
  • White is the the Master of Arts in Counseling degree.

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