Past Due Accounts

  • For credit courses, tuition is due in full the Friday before the semester begins, regardless of when the class meets (this includes online session C courses.) Please check the class schedule for the official semester dates. The first day of classes may vary from campus to campus. Generally speaking, the first week of the semester occurs in the first week of January, May and September.
  • For non-credit courses, including coaching and audited courses, tuition is due upon registration.
  • An account becomes delinquent after the due date. Monthly late fees will be charged to the account is paid in full, or if on a payment plan, until the payments are caught up.
  • Accounts will be turned over to collections 60 days after the semester has ended if no payment arrangements have been made. Collection efforts are not initiated against anyone making reasonable, regular payments against his/her balance in a timely and realistic fashion. This does not imply that students may begin a following semester with a previous balance.