Sacramento Orientation Quiz

What is Western Seminary's PRIMARY means of communication?

What must you always carry with you on campus?

How much is the cost for replacing a lost or stolen student ID card?

You learned during this orientation that Open Registration usually begins two months prior to the start of the semester. During Open Registration you can add and drop classes without penalty. What happens if you register after open registration?

When is tuition due?

Where is the center of campus where you can find books, food, study tables, a tech bar, outlets galore and a communication tv screen?

Which wireless network is for student use?

Will I be able to use the Online Orientation for future reference?

What are the four types of Non-Residential Courses?

What must students be careful of when using the wireless network?

What must all students submit prior to beginning each academic year (fall term)?

Where do students register for classes, keep their information current, submit payments and track their grades?

If you believe that you are eligible for Transfer Credit or Advanced Standing, when should you submit your request forms?

Where do we encourage students to purchase books for their classes?

Is New Student Orientation Mandatory? And when is it?


You've just passed your first Western Seminary quiz.

Please take the time to read through Western Seminary's online Academic Catalog. You will find important academic and financial policies listed in the Admission section, master's degree program requirements, and much more helpful information throughout the rest of the catalog.

Have you RSVP'd for New Student Orientation yet?  If not, please do!



Your advisor or someone from Student Services would like to call you to welcome you to the Western family!  It helps if you can have time with access to our website.  Which days and times are best for your advisor or a member of Student Services to call you for a 15 minute appointment?






Which degree program do you intend to complete?
Are there any specific questions you have that you want someone to answer when we call?

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Someone from Student Services or your Advisor will be in touch with you soon. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us at 916.488.3720.

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Director of Student Services
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