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How You Can Help:

1. Pray

Prayer is the most you can do.  Join us in praying for students, faculty, alumni, and that the Gospel of Jesus the Christ be transforming through the ministry of Western.  

Download a prayer list.

 2. Give Online or purchase items through our Amazon Wish List.


For Classrooms


Classroom Chairs (45)

Comfortable sitting chairs for students

Rolling for use with the current tile floors and less squeaking noise on tile

Ability to lean back or raise/lower height

Advantageous for group work when students collaborate and move around


classroom-tablesClassroom Tables for Rooms A and C (18)

Sturdy, academic tables 

Seat two comfortably

Movable for different classroom configurations



Conference Tables for Room B (5)conferencetables

Wheeled tables for ability to set up different conference layouts

Strategic for the video streaming classroom

Privacy panel 



whiteboardWhiteboards (3)







LED Televisions (3)

More cost-effective than projectors

More energy saved than projectors

Crucial clarity given the amount of natural light in the new classrooms



electricDesk Power Centers (24)

The number one requested piece in the new facility is power ports

One of these at each classroom table should more than suffice for power needs




Not pictured: 12+ more receptables and power bars/baseboards, faculty lectern/podiums, 6 extra chairs without wheels, professor desks, webconferencing cameras, one more television for webconferencing, three computers and monitors for presentation

For Student Center

cafe-tablesCafe Tables (6)

For individual and peer studying

Moveable to form group meetings




cafechairCafe Chairs (18)

Combine to make group study tables

For food and social functions




carpet-tilesCarpet Tiles | Throw Rugs (as many as possible)

Soften certain sections of the room

Divide space in large areas




fridgeRefrigerator (1-2)

We anticipate more students using the commons, and therefore fridge

With a place to socialize on campus, students may opt to simply stay and bring food




stoolStools (5)

A tech bar is being created for students to work up high, much like a coffee shop.

The countertop "tech bar" donated to us by Creekside can seat up to five stools comfortably.




sittingchairSitting Chair (2)

A specific section for sitting with these and couches

Comfortable seating on breaks and before classes




Not pictured: 5 more receptables, couch, electric poles, television

For Library

librarytableGroup Study Table (1) 

Wood table on library side student commons

Perfect for group project of six students

Conference table versus cafe tables on commons side



readingchairReading Chair (2)

Relaxing spot for students to read in between stacks of shelves

A place to rest prior to coming to class or at breaks




librarycartLibrary Cart (2)

A necessary item that was borrowed from Arcade Church in the past

One slanted and one non-slanted cart preferred




Not pictured: 3 more receptables, three computers, printer/copier


For Offices/Other

trashcansTrash Cans (6)

Another simple item shared with Arcade that must be replaced

Placed in classrooms, library, commons and lobby




loveseatCounseling Office Loveseat

Creating a true counseling room environment

Desire is to get to the point where a web-cam can be streamed to film role plays straight into any classroom.

 Room usable by faculty and staff in addition to counseling/coaching department



Not pictured: 6 more receptables, desk for counseling office, desk for outreach counselor, art and other decor items, recruitment furniture, locking file cabinet for counseling office, 3 printers and a copier, new counseling office computer.

 Please check with us before purchasing in case someone has already purchased the item(s).

3. Physical help moving.   Date(s) TBD. 


Move Books

Move Furniture

Work with Librarian

Assemble Furniture

Clean new or old facility


Anything you need

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view are interested in helping.

New address: 290 Technology Way, Suite 200  Rocklin, CA 95765.



Greg Moon
VP of Alumni and Community Relations
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.