Tuition Pay (monthly payments)

Recognizing that some students are not able to pay the full amount when tuition is due, Western Seminary offers a monthly payment option available through TuitionPay. There is a per semester enrollment fee for this plan charged by TuitionPay. TuitionPay is for credit students. Audit participants need to pay tuition in full at time of registration.

Monthly payment plans start on the month prior to the semester start date and break your tuition up into 4 equal payments. Contracts are offered as follows:

Fall semester: 4 payments, Contract begins August 1st.   Payment months are August through November
Spring semester: 4 payments, Contract begins December 1st. Payment months are December through March
Summer semester: 4 payments, Contract begins April 1st. Payment months are April through July
Make your payment directly to TuitionPay on the 1st of each month. TuitionPay will remit your payment to Western on the 1st of the following month. For example, the payment you make to TuitionPay on August 1st will be posted to your Western student account in the first week of September.

Make sure to keep your payments current with TuitionPay in order to avoid late fees with Western. Should you make a late payment on TuitionPay, you will be subject to a late fee with Western in addition to TuitionPay’s late fees.

Late Start: If you sign up late for TuitionPay, you will need to make 2 payments when you register. For example, if you sign up for the fall semester on September 1st, you will need to catch up and pay both the August and the September payment in addition to the enrollment fee.

To manage all aspects of your TuitionPay account, or to enroll or renew tuition payment plans please log on to TuitionPay's website.

Manage or Enroll in TuitionPay