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Logos is available to students in degree programs at a 30% reduction on the library packages as well as most of the 10,000 titles available in the Logos format. Specific prices for popular library packages are listed below. Pastors and Western alumni can also get substantial discounts. You can learn about this fine program at

Western Seminary faculty, staff and students will sign in at If you already have a Logos account you’ll enter your email and password. If not, you will taken through several screens to input the required information for your Logos account. The fourth screen will ask you to upload your student verification. Since Western has no student ID card, you can upload a copy of another personal document such as an acceptance letter, class schedule, or letter verifying your enrollment. You can use a scanner or any kind of digital camera to make the copy.

Questions? Contact Gerry Breshears, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 503.517.1870

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30% off - Logos Bible Software Academic Discount Program & Scholarship Opportunity

  • Save Time: Complete assignments in a fraction of the time – search hundreds of books with a click.
  • Save Money: Buy books for about $1.35 each – payments as low as $25/month
  • Save Space: Carry all your books on your laptop – an entire library that’s portable
  • Multi-Platformed: Licensed for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and pretty much any smart phone capable of accessing the internet – take your books with you anywhere

Discounted Collections now for Mac, PC, iPhone, iPod Touch increase in quantity but also quality!:

Scholar’s Library Platinum Edition:

Retail $1,689.95 (1,250 titles about $19,000 worth of books) $1,182.97 (or $103.58/month)

Scholar’s Library Gold Edition:

Retail $1,379.95 (almost 950 titles about $15,000 worth of books) $965.98 (or $85.50/month)

Scholar’s Library Silver Edition:

Retail $999.95  (almost 750+ titles about $11,000 worth of books) $699.98 (or $63.33/month)

Scholar’s Library:

Retail $629.95 (almost 500 titles about $8,000 worth of books) $440.98 (or $41.75/month)

Original Languages Library:

Retail $415.95 (almost 300 titles about $4,500 worth of books) $291.98 (or $29.33/month)

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Purchasing a base library makes you an Academic Participant until you graduate, making you eligible for deeper discounts on the rest of our almost 14,000 titles!

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As a student, you may qualify for academic pricing on future purchases. Please fill out our Academic Program Application at Once your application is approved, you will receive academic pricing for additional resources purchased from for the next six months. You can renew as long as you are a student in a degree/certificate/diploma program or teaching college or graduate school. For more information, please call Sales 800.875.6467 and identify yourself as a student any time between 6:00 AM – 5:00PM Pacific Time.

Remember to apply for the Logos Bible College Scholarship or Logos Seminary Scholarship.