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Study in Thailand

Study in Thailand

Global Leadership Courses in a Global Context!

January 7-18, 2019
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Western Seminary is proud to offer two of our core global leadership courses plus an elective this coming January in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to study and apply cross-cultural training.

Courses Available:

  • GL 502 Theology in a Global Context
  • GL 504 Self-Directed Study in Global leadership
  • GL 570 Gospel Mission Among Buddhist Peoples

GL 502 and 504 are two of our Global Leadership core courses and will be taught by Dr. E.D. Burns, Director of the MA in Global Leadership program at Western Seminary.

The elective GL 570 will be from Jan. 7-11. This course is an independent study that explores the challenges and nuances of communicating the Gospel to Buddhist peoples. This course takes part in an international conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand, comprised of the world's leading evangelical missiologists in the Buddhist world and then is supplemented with readings, assignments, and face-to-face disscussions. The course provides a rare opporunity to learn on site in Thailand--a Buddhist kingdom--from leading evangelicals whose missiological scholarship influences ministries to Buddhists worldwide.

Courses are open to all students for credit or audit and students can take one, two, or all three.

Cost will be tuition plus travel, lodging, and food estimated at $1500 for 1 week (add $300 if coming for both weeks).

Questions? please contact Andy Peloquin for more information at 503.517.1815, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.