Life Is a Journey

When I was pastoring, I became frustrated that we were growing primarily through transfer growth from other churches. It got to a point that I remember my wife offered to stand at the doors and invite new people to return to their church and work through their issues. I remember asking the Lord to gift […]

Money Talks

Money (and the fight over it) is in the news: Wall Street protests have spread to other cities, college campuses, and even small towns; the NBA is going to lose at least some portion of the upcoming basketball season because owners and players cannot come to terms; Europe is embroiled in the sovereign debt crisis; […]

Deliver Us from Evil

One of my very favorite authors is Eugene Peterson. His recent memoir, The Pastor, goes to the heart of what it means to be a pastor.  In one of his chapters, “Sister Genevieve,” Peterson recounts a friendship that emerged with the prioress of a Carmelite monastery, a place where fourteen nuns live the contemplative life.  […]