We’re All Human (video)

This video is a great testimony to the different kinds of teenagers that are in your churches and the challenging issues that many of them face. The same is true of the adults in your church, but as a former youth pastor, it was more powerful for me seeing these images from teenagers.

The video itself was put together by the broadcasting class at Liberty Middle School. (I have no idea where that is.) And it’s oddly mesmerizing. Give it some time to sink in.

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6 thoughts on “We’re All Human (video)

  1. Marc,
    There have been three suicides by BGHS students since last spring, the latest was last week (plus rumors of additional attempts). My son reports that kids are asking themselves “what’s wrong with our school?”. How does a church respond?

    1. Wow, thanks for the comment. But that’s a tough one to respond to in a quick comment. That would actually make for a great post in its own right. Let me know if I can find someone who’d be able to offer some thoughts on something like that.

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