This Week on Trans·formed (3/31)

Featured Articles on Trans·formed This Week When Parents Ask the Wrong Questions (Marc Cortez): The Gospel should change the way that we approach our families, our children. We don’t need to ignore the important issues that I mentioned above, but they shouldn’t be our only, or even our primary, concern. Instead, we should be ultimately concerned […]

This Week’s Winner!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this week’s contest to win two books on the Reformation. But there can only be one winner. And this week’s winner is… Darren Hanson Congratulations Darren! Send me an email with your contact information, and I’ll get those books shipped right over to you.

Brain Rules

Some years ago, Atlantic Monthly published an article entitled, “Is Google Making Us Stoopid?”  In it, Nicholas Carr made a compelling case that the internet is having a far more profound effect on our thinking than any of us realize.  Skimming from one idea to another has the potential of remapping our neural circuitry.  We […]