Do I Know Who I am?

Changing from one form, state, activity or place to another—anticipated or not-anticipated—engenders tough questions and challenges. Since most of us are in some kind of transition, these are urgently relevant to our lives. As we move to another key question that surfaces in transitions, let’s quickly review. The seemingly upside-down order of the Stages of […]

Dung Beetles in Heaven

“I’m bored,” the young man says, setting his golden harp down on the soft, white mound next to him. His companion sits up quickly, sending small puffs of cloud scattering in every direction, several catching on the shimmering halo that slipped slightly to one side at her sudden movement. “Stop saying that. You’re going to […]

This Week on Trans·formed (5/19)

Featured Articles on Trans·formed This Week Is Learning Greek and Hebrew Really Worth It? (Marc Cortez): For many, learning a new language is an exhausting, frustrating, and spirit-killing endeavor, one that has been scientifically proven to cause premature hair loss, marital discord, excess book throwing, and, in small rodents, cancer. So it should come as no […]