Your Pastor Is Not Your Political Activist

The Fourth of July is almost here, we’re in the middle of a presidential election cycle, and everyone is talking about politics. Earlier this week, Chad sparked quite a discussion when he argued against flags in church. So I thought it would be appropriate to add to the discussion with this video from John Piper on why churches shouldn’t press their pastors to be political activists. As he says:

Expect from your shepherds not that they would rally you behind political candidates or legislative initiatives, but they would point you over and over again to God and to his word, and to the cross.

Check out the whole video and let us know what you think. You can read a transcript of the video here.

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5 thoughts on “Your Pastor Is Not Your Political Activist

  1. OUTSTANDING!! The hymn writer said it best: The Church’s One Foundation is Jesus Christ her Lord. By being a political activist, the Chruch erodes the foundation that she is supposed to have and replaces it with a foundation of the world. This is devastating for the church. She then becomes a part of the world, rather than in the world. It is hard to point people in a different way when the church is just like any other institution that is of the world. There is a proper response to the question of should the church recognize national events. Of course we should. We should take those times and pray for our nation and her leaders. We then return the focus to God where it belongs.

  2. Thank you for sharing this video. Piper once again takes the issue to the truth of scripture…”equip the saints”. I truly thank those around me who serve in the military and those who are active in the political arena for all they do and have done. As much as I enjoy being an American the flag of the Cross must fly higher than the flag of my nation.

  3. Sorry, couldn’t disagree more with Brother John. Everything is political. Our country has gone to hell because of this two kingdom mentality.. God may not be a republican but Satan is most assuredly a democrat.

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