Stained glass image of the Virgin Mary with the Christ Child

It’s Boxing Day!

It’s Boxing Day. Does that mean we get to punch each other out if we didn’t get the Christmas gift we’d hoped to receive? Or is it the day for putting away the boxes that held the Christmas gifts? Or is it another shopping day? Or? The day after Christmas, December 26th, is a public […]

This Week on Trans·formed (12/22)

Featured Articles on Trans·formed This Week Forced to Wait: An Advent Reflection. During advent, we’re reminded of all those centuries when God’s people awaited the fulfillment of God’s promises, the years of uncertainty, the time of doubt. This side of Christmas, it’s easy to think that this season is all about arrival, the birth of Jesus. And […]

Impulse Control

After hearing of yet another horrific shooting in Connecticut—and witnessing another mindless act of evil much closer to home at Clackamas Town Center, the news will have its usual stories, interviews with eye-witnesses, and ultimately search for some explanation. We will hear words of grief and shock. People will say that Jacob Roberts was a […]